Blooming Spring

Although it’s a rather damp day, filled with puddles and raindrops, the birds are singing to welcome in spring. Not being acquainted with a calendar, they have no idea that it’s still a few days away. All they know is that the days have grown warmer and snow has turned to rain after so many months of winter. I’m with them, and can’t quite wait for spring myself.

And so, it’s time to change my tea routine a bit. I’ll continue to drink hot tea, as I do even through the hot and humid Virginia summers. But instead of rich masala chai and chocolate teas, I prefer something lighter. Sometimes, something floral to remind me of the gardens that are beginning to pop up outside. Jasmine, for example, conjures up warm spring evenings with the smell of gardens wafting on a gentle breeze. Peppermint foreshadows the mint iced tea from the garden that will be a staple of the summer, and lavender calms while it talks of spring.

My apple tea will be set aside, along with the more seasonal flavors put out by some companies, in favor of my ever beloved Earl Grey, with its somehow floral citrus scent. No more need for rich chocolate teas to take the place of my childhood hot chocolate, for its spring, and soon I will be able to spend my morning and afternoon tea times out on the patio, quietly sipping while I look at flowers and listen to the birds. From hearty breakfast teas, fortified with milk and sugar, I’ll turn to more delicate Darjeeling.

And when guests arrive, I’ll pull out the glass tea pot, and display spring in the pot as well as in the garden. I’ll serve one of those hand-tied teas that unfold like a flower.

Finally, spring has arrived, no matter what the calendar says.

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