Book Review — “The Ultimate Tea Diet”

Drink tea. Lose weight. Can it really be that easy? Well, it’s probably a bit of a stretch, but if we’re to believe Mark “Dr. Tea” Ukra, author of the book, The Ultimate Tea Diet: How Tea Can Boost Your Metabolism, Shrink Your Appetite, and Kick-Start Remarkable Weight Loss, it’s not all that far from the truth.

Ukra’s family was involved in the tea trade in their native land of Iraq, before coming to America in the Fifties. He was once a hardcore coffee drinker, but some years back, when he decided to cut back his caffeine intake, he made the switch to tea. One thing led to another, as it sometimes does, and in 2005 Ukra and his wife bought the Tea Garden & Herbal Emporium, in Hollywood.

As he began to take more of an interest in the potential health benefits of tea, Ukra took on the persona of Dr. Tea and renamed his tea shop Dr. Tea’s Tea Garden & Herbal Emporium. Another result of Ukra’s studies on the link between tea and health was his book, The Ultimate Tea Diet, which was released by Harper Collins in early 2008.

The Ultimate Tea Diet encourages its weight-conscious readers to drink anywhere from four to six cups of tea a day. Among the beneficial compounds that make tea a healthy beverage are L-theanine and EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate).

According to Ukra’s book, tea encourages weight loss through the combined effects of these compounds and caffeine, all of which help to reduce appetite and stimulate the metabolism. While caffeine acts as a stimulant, L-theanine help to neutralize its harmful side effects and acts as an appetite suppressant. EGCG, according to Ukra, helps dieters burn fat faster and more efficiently.

Of course, we cannot live by tea alone. So, keeping this in mind, The Ultimate Tea Diet also includes a selection of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Many of the recipes actually include tea as an ingredient.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review — “The Ultimate Tea Diet”

  1. Thanks for covering this book. I get so many questions about tea and weight loss — everyone wants a quick fix. It’s no miracle but it does round out a healthy lifestyle!

  2. Thanks for the fine explanation of the tea plant’s growing and plucking seasons. And for the encouragement to celebrate. Today I shall–we have paradise weather here on the Alabama Gulf Coast!

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