Artistic Teawares from Poplar Ridge Pottery

Ginkgo TeapotGet in tune with nature at teatime by serving from a teapot and mug with leaf and butterfly designs pressed in. If this sounds good to you, check out Poplar Ridge Pottery for their latest unique designs.

Inspired by the organic shapes, especially leaves of various trees, around her childhood home in rural Alabama, artist Tracy Wilson evolved from an avid photographer to a potter, using leaves from those trees to press patterns into the clay. She began producing a variety of items, from platters and bowls to teapots and mugs, with various leaf patterns. One of the first was the Original Princess Tree Leaf Platter, inspired by the huge leaves of the Princess Tree near her home. Inspiration spread out as Tracy began to notice that some leaves looked like fish and others like butterflies. The Original Fish Leaf Platter and the Original Kudzu Butterfly ™ designs were the result. (As she says, no butterflies are ever harmed in the production of her pottery!)

The leaves are pressed in the wet, soft, hand-formed clay, and, since no two leaves are alike, so each piece of her pottery is unique. Tracy makes her pottery even more distinctive with her glazing technique that doesn’t hide the leaf impressions but enhances them. With husband, Craig, working along side her, they produce an array of artistic yet useful items (some, such as the Oak Leaf Ring Teapot, are meant to be decorative).

Their designs are also award-winning:

When you see the designs, I think you will agree with those judges.

As one who lives the “tea life,” where tea is a true adventure, not just a hot beverage, I enjoy adding a bit of cute and a bit of the unique to my teatime. All of her products certainly fit that bill. You can pile scones, tarts, and other teatime treat up high on a leaf platter, load up a leaf bowl with fresh fruits to serve your teatime guests, fill up a leaf teapot with fragrant and hot Assam or Keemun, and pour that tea out into leaf mugs, each a work of art in itself that’s sure to impress your teatime guests.

If you live in Alabama, Georgia, or Mississippi, you can attend one of the craft shows where Tracy and Craig Wilson will be showing their wonderful pottery (see their Website for a schedule). If you can’t make it there, you can order from their Website or their Etsy shop.

Add a bit of nature and whimsy to your teatime. Enjoy!

Company Info:
Name: Poplar Ridge Pottery
Owners: Tracy & Craig Wilson
Phone: 662-534-7154
Etsy Shop:

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