How to Make Iced Tea

As the chilly months begin to pass into our rear view mirrors and warmer weather looms, this is as good a time as any to tackle the topic of iced tea. There are many options available to fans of this cooling beverage, including a number of passably good bottled teas. But most serious tea drinkers will probably agree that there’s no substitute – nor anything quite so economical – as making your own iced tea. There are a number of ways to go about this process. Here’s a look at some of them.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to make iced tea is simply to whip up a batch of hot tea and chill it. Tea bags or loose-leaf tea should work equally well, though the latter may tend to produce a higher quality, better tasting result. Check out this basic primer on making loose leaf iced tea.

You could make the argument that the cold-brewing method of making iced tea is even simpler than the aforementioned. As the term suggests, cold brewing does not uses any heat in preparing the end product. Here’s a method that utilizes ice cubes to make iced Japanese green tea. For more on cold brewing, try these informational articles from the Me and My Tea and Miro Tea blogs.

If you’re more mechanically inclined and you’d like a nifty mechanical gizmo that can eliminate much of the grunt work of iced tea making, you are in luck. There are a variety of iced tea makers on the market these days that succeed in varying degrees in automating the iced tea making process.

Last on the agenda is sun tea, or tea that’s been steeped using the considerable power of the sun and then chilled. While there are many fans of this method it’s good to be aware of some potential health concerns, specifically regarding the buildup of harmful bacteria. For more on the ins and outs and potential hazards of sun tea, refer to this article at the myth-debunking Snopes Web site.

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One thought on “How to Make Iced Tea

  1. William J. Sayre

    I have learned much from your boag for I don’t know the first thing in brewing tea or what in.? But now I am getting a little idea from you in this. and I hope to be a success in brewing ice tea from reading your ideas in brewing ice tea. thank You for helping us folks that need the help.
    William Sayre

    again thank You.

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