A Guide To Tea Festivals

If you’re a serious tea lover you probably don’t need much of a reason to kick up your heels and sing the praises of tea. But if you’re looking to gather with like-minded souls to celebrate the merits of Camellia sinensis, here are a handful of noteworthy festivals to add to your calendar.

Tea Festival

Charleston Tea Plantation, Wadmalaw Island, SC – May 16, 2010

Note: The 2010 incarnation of the Charleston Tea Plantation’s First Flush Festival will be the fourth such celebration held there. The Plantation, which is owned by Bigelow Tea, is currently the largest of a handful of tea growers based in the United States

Victoria Tea Festival, Victoria, British Columbia – February 13/14, 2010

Note: If we’re to believe the people putting this one on, it’s “the LARGEST public tea exhibition in North America!” If you missed this year’s festival – the fourth of its kind – stay tuned for next year.

World Tea Expo, Las Vegas, NV – June 11-13

Note: “The premier business-to-business event dedicated to specialty tea.” Not open to the general public.

Coffee & Tea Festival NYC , New York, NY – February 20/21, 2010

Note: Another one to mark on the calendar for next year. This year’s event was number five for the festival. Of course, as the name suggests, you’ll have to share space with fans of that other hot beverage, but can’t we all just get along?

Rocky Mountain Tea Festival, Boulder, CO – July 24/25, 2010

Note: Still time to make plans for this one, the eleventh annual incarnation of the Rocky Mountain Tea Festival, from the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse.

Kulov Tea Fest , Culver City, CA – May 1/2, 2010

Note: As of this writing, there’s also time to get on board for the tenth annual Kulov Tea Fest.

Northwest Tea Festival, Seattle, WA – October 4/5, 2008

Note: Nothing going on here since 2008, but the Web site is still alive.

English Riviera Cream Tea Festival

Note: Here’s another one that doesn’t appear to be a going concern, with the last celebration taking place in 2008.

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