Review — White Licorice Tea by Golden Moon

Golden Moon White Licorice Tea
Golden Moon White Licorice Tea

Name: White Licorice

Brand: Golden Moon

Type: White tea, flavored

Form: Loose leaf

Review: I admit to being somewhat skeptical when I first read this tea’s label. See, I am one of those weird people who doesn’t like licorice (the black, chewy kind) but does like anise in small doses. I feared that this “White Licorice” tea would taste of candy licorice, which, for my palate, wouldn’t do at all.

Fortunately, a bit of investigation showed that the tea is not flavored with licorice extract, but star anise. (I breathed a sigh of relief.) I set to work infusing this pretty blend of white leaves, tips, and star anise pieces to a clear, pale green. The sweet, slightly vegetal white tea meshed beautifully with the spicy star anise, and the medium bodied liquor holds these flavors well. I particularly love the slightly mouth-numbing finish which leaves a lovely anise aftertaste.

I was a bit concerned that the anise flavor would overwhelm the white tea, but that didn’t happen. Golden Moon sources a good quality white peony for a lot of its white tea blends, and its richness nicely balanced out the strong star anise. I could taste the tea, I could taste the flavor, and all was quite right while I sipped away.

Preparation Suggestions: While I generally like to prepare white tea at fairly low temperatures, I knew I would have to jack up the heat to properly extract the flavor from the blend’s star anise pieces. I ended up infusing at 185F for three minutes, which produced a delightful cup. Incidentally, I infused this tea a second time, and actually preferred it to the first steep. It may be that the star anise gives up more flavor with each infusion.

Serving Suggestions: Great on its own, but I think it would also be a nice compliment to Thai cuisine.

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