Review — Tiger Wing Taro Vanilla Cream

Name: Taro Vanilla Cream

Tiger Wing Vanilla CreamBrand: Tiger Wing

Type: Green tea, herbal blend

Form: Paper tea bags, individually wrapped

Review: Do you ever get cravings for a fingerfull of cake frosting? If so, try this tea.

Yes, it really is that good.

Tiger Wing (the bagged-tea producing offshoot of Golden Moon) blended green mate (a stimulant herb from South America) with two types of Japanese green tea, taro root (a South American tuber), green honeybush (from Africa), and vanilla flavor. The Japanese teas, incidentally, are genmaicha, green tea blended with roasted and popped brown rice, and matcha, a powdered green tea. Several of these ingredients are said to be powerful antioxidants, which may, or may not be significant. What is significant, however, is that it all comes together to taste so, so good.

The tea itself infuses to a light yellow liquor with a creamy body. The natural sweetness of the ingredients meshes with the vanilla to create a naturally sweet beverage that needs no added sugar or sweetener. The vanilla notes are intense, and the creamy notes provided by the matcha, taro, and genmaicha reinforce the whole “cake frosting” vibe.


Preparation Suggestions: Infuse this tea in very hot, but not boiling water (190F-195F). I infused mine for about a minute, and it turned out great. Best when hot. Don’t bother with a second infusion. Besides, these teabags are inexpensive and convenient to use, so a opening a fresh one each time you brew a cup should be no hardship.

Caution: While this tea tastes smooth and sweet, remember that both green tea and mate are stimulants. If you’ve been warned away from caffeine by your doctor, you’d do best to keep clear of this tea. As with all herbals, take the time to learn about what is actually in the blend, so as to avoid possible allergic reactions as well as drug interactions.

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