Review — Tiger Wing ChocoMint Mate

Tiger Wing ChocoMintName: ChocoMint

Brand: Tiger Wing

Type: Black tea / yerba mate blend

Form: Paper bagged tea, individually wrapped

Review: So what if it’s in a paper tea bag? This stuff is tasty! Plus, its a chocolate fix in a convenient, virtually calorie-free form. What’s not to love?

For those of you not in the know, Tiger Wing is an alternative brand from our friends at Golden Moon, purveyors of fine loose-leaf tea. While Golden Moon specializes in beautifully packaged whole leaf teas, Tiger Wing offers flavored blends in convenient, individually wrapped teabags. Designed to appeal to the “youth” market, this old lady still manages to appreciate them.

Take ChocoMint, for example. This is a decidedly energizing drink made from a base of mate and black tea, flavored with ginseng, cacao pieces, and chocolate/vanilla/mint flavoring. Yum. Granted, it isn’t a particularly sophisticated beverage, but if you are a person who appreciates the combination of chocolate and mint, it is hard to go wrong by drinking this stuff. The cocoa flavor is strong, with a kick of mint in the finish, and a nice bit of vanilla balancing the blend.

Packaging: I love individually wrapped paper tea bags. Carry one with you in your pocket, wallet, or purse so you can have your fix anywhere that offers hot water.

Recommendation: This is a great tisane for serious chocolate lovers. While it isn’t sweet, if it is the cocoa that you crave, ChocoMint ought to keep you happy for a good long while. If you do need a bit more sweetness, some sweetened almond milk or a bit honey ought to do the trick.

Caution: If you are avoiding caffeine for health reasons, stay away from Tiger Wing ChocoMint. The combination of black tea and mate, both stimulants, is a serious kick. For the same reason, don’t be tempted to substitute ChocoMint for your evening cocoa: You’ll never get to sleep.

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