Tea Blogs — An Overview

White TeaThere’s just something about tea. Something, to be a little more precise, that makes people want to share information, as well as their thoughts and experiences regarding tea drinking and culture. If you beg to differ on this point, consider that there are literally hundreds of tea lovers out there who are so anxious to share their experiences that they have set up a tea blog to help them do so.

If you’d like to check out some other tea blogs (aside from the fine one that you’re reading right now) you could start your explorations with a list that I’ve been maintaining at my own tea blog for the last several years. The Tea Blog Liststarted in a modest way more than four years ago and has now expanded to include more than 300 tea blogs.

While I’ve probably checked out each one of these blogs at some point and manage to follow a number of them it’s obviously quite a stretch to keep up with even a fraction of this horde. If you’re looking for some useful information and insights about tea, here are a few blogs worth looking at and there are undoubtedly many more on the list.

T Ching
With frequent posts and a large roster of contributors, including a few luminaries from the world of tea, you’d be hard pressed not to find something of interest at the T Ching blog.

Cha Dao
Cha Dao bills itself as “a journal of tea and tea culture” and also boasts a roster of distinguished contributors. If you’re looking for serious scholarship on the subject of tea, this is not a bad place to start.

MattCha’s Blog
For more worthy insights into tea culture, be sure to take a look at MattCha’s Blog. Matt was formerly based in South Korea and is now in Canada, so the site, not surprisingly, still features a number of posts on the relatively unexplored topic of Korean tea.

Tea Masters Blog
Taiwan is best known for oolong tea and it’s among the topics you can read about at the Tea Masters Blog, a site published by Stéphane Erler, who has hung his hat in Taipei, Taiwan for the last 14 years.

Editor’s note: And then, there’s this blog, of course!

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