Review — Golden Moon Jasmine Pearls

Golden Moon Jasmine PearlsName: Jasmine Pearls

Brand: Golden Moon

Type: Green tea, flavored

Form: Loose leaf/pearls

Review: Jasmine tea is another type of tea that is easy to do wrong. Jasmine is a lovely fragrance and flavor, but cheap jasmine essence that is poured over bad tea produces a nasty cup and contributes to the blanket condemnation heaped upon flavored teas by some tea lovers. On the other hand, well-selected green or bao zhong leaves, properly scented with fresh jasmine, is a wonderful thing.

Golden Moon’s version of jasmine pearls is made with real jasmine blossoms and green tea budsets (two leaves and a bud). The scented leaves are rolled into tiny balls or “pearls”. The first infusion of this tea is a pale green/yellow with a light body and a lovely jasmine scent. It is smooth and non-astringent, with a remarkably crisp, clean flavor. The second infusion produces a richer tea: As the pearls unfurl, the flavors become more intense and the color a richer golden yellow. The tea remains smooth, rich and delightful.

If you like jasmine tea, this is one to try.

Preparation Tips: Never use a teaspoon to measure out jasmine pearls. Just count out anywhere from 5-7 pearls per 8 ounces of water, which should be cooled to about 185F. Too many pearls makes for a decidedly bitter and disagreeable brew. Prepare jasmine pearls (and any kind of pearl tea) in a glass teapot for maximum enjoyment: It’s fun to watch the pearls expand. This tea is good for several infusions, so don’t throw away the leaves after the first steep!

Recommendation: In my experience, many people love the flavor of jasmine, making this a nice offering even for non-tea drinkers at parties or other social events. I’ve also paired this with spicy, homemade Chinese food, and found it to be a wonderful and refreshing pairing. Try it on ice during the summer.

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