Dispatches from the World of Tea

It’s a great, wide world of tea out there and there’s always something going on that’s worthy of mention. This time around the focus is on tea farming, with a brief foray to examine a treat known as tea eggs and a look at Turkish tea.

Previously in these pages, we’ve focused on a number of tea growers who are located in places that aren’t normally connected with tea production, most notably the United States and England. Along the same lines is this Australian Daintree Tea currently being offered by World Par-Tea. It’s a black tea that’s grown in the far northern area of Australia’s Queensland region, where, as they put it, “the moist warm climate, rainfall of nearly 4000mm per annum & temperature range 25 to 35 degrees Celsius is ideal for growing” tea.

Japanese Green Tea

Japan is, of course, a place that’s well known for growing tea and primarily tea of the green variety. There are a number of tea-growing regions within the island nation that are especially noteworthy, including Shizuoka. For more on this region, check out this tea-themed travelogue from the Japan Times. For even more insight into how a Japanese tea farm is run on a day to day basis, be sure to check out the Farmer’s Blog from the Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations.

Tea eggs are a popular delicacy in many parts of Asia. They are typically made by soaking or cooking eggs in a broth made of tea and other ingredients. Here’s a Taiwanese recipe for tea eggs that recently appeared in Salon magazine.

When you think about countries where tea is consumed in large quantities, you probably don’t think of Turkey. But you really should. According to most reliable estimates, they are the world’s top consumers of tea on a per capita basis. For some additional insight into why and how tea is consumed in a country where the average citizen downs about 2.1 kilograms a year, look here.

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