PretTea Little Presents or Gifts for Tea Lovers

I’ve always enjoyed shopping, even window shopping. So, I find it fun to search for that perfect gift for my family and friends and even more fun if they happen to be fellow tea lovers.  What could be easier than finding a decorative tin of fine loose tea, or an interesting book on tea history or entertaining with tea.  How about an exquisite china cup and saucer or teapot for a collector or pretty table linens to grace their next afternoon tea-table.

Perhaps someone on your list truly appreciates a gift that has been handmade with love. I’ve received handmade teacup candles, teacup pincushions and even a silk flower arrangement in a teapot.  If you’re a baker,  a gift of scones or tea cookies make terrific gourmet gifts and can be combined with a pretty tea towel or some dessert tea for a thoughtful gift.  Many of my friends look for tiny tea theme Christmas ornaments for my table top tea tree.  Or perhaps a piece of jewelry like the pretty crystal teapot earrings that my hubby gave to me one Valentine’s Day.  The annual Teapot and Tea Calendar is always a welcome and useful gift and one that I look forward to receiving each year.

So often you hear someone say that they like to relax with a cup of tea and a good book.  Now, there’s a simple gift buying option.  If they like mysteries, the Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs would be perfect.  The baker or cook might be pleased with one of the many books on afternoon tea.  Some of my favorites are Tea Party by Tracy Stern, Tea With A Twist by Lisa Boalt Richardson and Afternoon Tea Parties by Susannah Blake.  There are so many titles available by today’s leading authorities on tea,  it might be difficult to choose just one.  You could start with James Norwood Pratt, Jane Pettigrew, Michael Harney or Bruce Richardson, plus many others who have authored tea books.

Even children can benefit when it comes to choosing a tea theme gift.  I’ve already tucked away a play tea set for my little granddaughter for Christmas.  Nana will have lots of fun passing along her love of tea to another generation.  So, I hope you have lots of tea lovers on your gift list and happy shopping.

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