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Holiday-Colored Teawares

Christmas TeapotIt’s that time of year when brightly colored teawares in your favorite holiday colors abound. Conjure up your favorite winter holiday image: snowmen, poinsettias, Christmas trees, candy canes, etc. Believe it or not, you’ll be able to find a mug, cup, teapot, or other teaware sporting that image. And many more!

What better way to serve a winter tea, such as Holiday Spice, than in a specially designed teapot. For some reason, the tea seems to taste, well, more holiday-ish. All you knitters out there can knit a lovely tea cozy and fit it over a cable-knit design teapot. Your guests will be kept wondering where one ends and the other begins. Other designs look like scraps of wrapping paper, cottages with snowy rooftops, snowmen, gingerbread houses, and Christmas trees with all the trimmings.

Christmas MugsOf course, if you’re going to pour from such a teapot, you also need a similarly decorated mug to pour into and from which to drink. Cute ones with cupcake designs and sayings like “Be of Good Cheer” and “Parties for Hosting” are great options. Snow mugs with little red birdies and clever sayings like “Happy Holly Days” are just waiting to be filled with some cinnamony chai or a hearty Assam tea with milk and sweetener. My favorite mug design is the one that is red with white poinsettias. It’s simple, stylish, right for the season, yet able to be used throughout the year. The shape is also just right for holding in your hands to warm them.

The winter holidays being such a busy time, you need to set aside a moment for yourself for a nice tea-for-one potful. Make it extra special with a specially designed tea-for-one set decorated with snowflakes and sayings like “Let It Snow.” Pick a cozy corner where you can curl up under a blanket, sip your tea, munch on a Christmas cookie or a piece of fruitcake, and just relax after a day of decorating the house or shopping for presents.

Another great event this time of year is a showy tea party for some of your favorite teatime guests and tea served from a stoneware teapot with a Toile style winter scene on the sides and holly berry red trim. The matching cookie tray and a creamer and sugar bowl in stylish black complete your setting. Your guests will “Ooh!” and “Aah!” over not just the delicious teas and cookies they’ll be enjoying, but your teawares, too!

Tolie TeawaresEnd the holiday season with a big finish by serving Christmas or even New Year’s dinner on a set of bone china dishes with a poinsettia design. This plant that originates in Mexico has really come to symbolize the season.

Of course, all of these also make great gifts, especially for the members of your family just getting started setting up a home of their own. For those you’d like to introduce to teas other than the dust-in-bags kind in the grocery stores don’t forget to include some of the better selections. Cocoa mixes, cookies, or other delectables are also great to include. In fact, these mugs, teapots, etc., make great gift basket items, usually as the star attraction. Ho ho ho!

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