Collecting “Tea Themed” Ornaments

Growing up in an average Canadian household during the fifties and sixties, my family celebrated a traditional or perhaps even an old-fashioned Christmas.  My Mom baked wonderful made from scratch fruit, nut and rum soaked fruitcake and cute gingerbread boy cookies.  We had our family carolling parties and the kids hung stockings for Santa to fill.  About a week before Christmas we would buy a freshly cut Spruce from a local city Christmas tree lot.

Many years later I would follow some of these traditions with my own kids.  Our tree was not fresh, but artificial, at the urging of one of my “firefighter” brothers.  It would quickly accumulate many of their homemade ornaments and quite a variety of  favorite cartoon character ornaments, etc.

I’m not sure when I first started collecting my tea theme ornaments, but it soon became obvious that these needed a special place of their own.  A tabletop tree was the perfect solution to display these miniatures.  At first I collected mostly cups and saucers and teapots.  Then it became fun to search for others with a tea theme.

Today my growing collection includes spoons, tea trolleys, tiered tea trays and more.  I like to add something new each year.  In 2010 there will be at least three more, including a Wedgwood Jasper Ware teapot and Royal Albert teapot and teacup.  Many of the best names in china produce miniatures including Spode, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Portmeirion, Hummel, Royal Albert and more.

It’s not only fun to collect these diminutive pieces, but they can also be much more budget friendly than their full size counterparts.  Lately I’ve been enjoying my “tea tree” so much that it may soon become a year round fixture in my dining room.  Once my small tree has been filled to capacity, I’ll start working on a chandelier display using pretty ribbons to attach the ornaments and after that, who knows.

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One thought on “Collecting “Tea Themed” Ornaments

  1. Loved your post about tea themed ornaments! I also have started a collection and my favorite was purchased for me by Mom before she passed away, it is a whimsical snowlady in a oldfashioned maid costume serving up a tray of tea. It is from the Winter Promenade collection by Demdaco. Family members have also given me 3 “tearooms” of different styles for village collections. Every year is special as I can not wait to unwrap them and place them for all to see!

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