Green Tea for the Holidays

Earl Grey Green TeaGreen is one of the dominant colors for the holidays (red being the other), so why not for your tea, too? Several choices spring to mind, teas that I have tried and grown quite fond of during the past year.

The first green tea that I think of now is Chai Green (a green tea with spices added). Chai is a holiday must, but people usually have one based on black tea, not green. Going with the green chai puts a new twist on things.

Granny Green Apple Tea is another great option. The natural fruity flavor and green tea, all hot and steamy in a decorative holiday mug, will give you lots of cheer. Enjoy it with a nice slice of fruitcake, a mince tart, or even a chocolate covered McVitie’s Digestive.

Another staple in any tea pantry is Earl Grey but made with black tea. Take a different slant on this favorite and get a bit of that holiday hue with Earl Grey Green Tea. Ceylon green tea and oil of bergamot dance a jig on your tongue. Of course, you could go with a straight Ceylon green tea — subtle, satisfying, and smooth.

This suggestion might seem a little odd but there’s a good reason for it: Gen Mai Cha. That toasted rice flavor mixed with the Japanese green tea is rich tasting, yet it’s light and leaves lots of room for all those holiday dishes, from turkey and stuffing to fruit pies and other desserts. A key to enjoying these holiday events is to make sure you pace yourself and don’t fill up on the non-essentials. This light tea really helps with that.

Cinnamon is one of those flavors that abounds this time of year in just about every dish imaginable, so why not in your green tea? Cinnamon Sibu Green Tea has an intoxicating aroma not only of cinnamon but also delicate rose and goes great with desserts or in place of dessert (for those of you wanting to refrain from over indulging).

There are lots of other green teas out there. Besides color, they have one thing in common: lighter taste. Most are delicate enough to be sipped (or even gulped) straight, which keeps them light on your tummy, too.

So, go out there. Enjoy the holidays and the many traditional foods. Then, have a nice cup or potful of one of these or other green teas. Ho ho ho!

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