Crafting the Perfect Tea Gift Basket

Metal Snowflakes Gift BasketWant to give the gift of tea this Christmas but not sure what that should be? Tea gift baskets can be the perfect answer.

Gift giving is a way to share something we like with others, give them something special we know they’ll like, or just let them know we’re thinking of them. Sometimes, workplaces promote a gift giving program called “Secret Santa” where you draw a name of a co-worker to give a gift without them knowing it’s you. Each of these types of giving can be met with a tea gift basket, especially if you craft it just right.

To guide you in this undertaking, I’ve laid out some basic principles for crafting the perfect basket.

First, start by selecting a tea or two and be sure to consider the level of tea knowledge of the giftee:

  • Newbie — stick to the basics such as a black tea blend, a common type of green tea like gunpowder, or a generic white blend.
  • Mid-level tea drinker — ratchet up the tea choices a notch, swapping that black tea blend for Buckingham Palace Garden Partyor Scottish Breakfast (Assam with a bit of Keemun) and the gunpowder green tea for a Japanese sencha.
  • For the “Tea Princess” on your list — Golden Heaven Yunnan China Black Tea, a Darjeeling 2nd or Autumnal Flush, Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival Green Tea, or even Peony White Needle White Tea.
  • For your boss or someone else you want to impress — Adams Peak White Tea, Wuyi Oolong, Darjeeling White Tips White Tea, or Nine Bend Black Dragon.

Second, pick some treat or two that would go well with the teas selected according to the above list:

  • Scone mixto go with that black tea blend, especially if it contains Assam tea.
  • Lemon cookiesto go with the gunpowder tea.
  • Fruit tarts to go with the Yunnan.
  • Carrot cake or cheesecake to go with the Sencha.
  • Cookies with cinnamon, vanilla, and other such flavors to go with the Darjeeling.
  • A package of chocolate covered McVitie’s Digestives to go with anything. (Hey, it’s chocolate!)

Third, an appropriate teaware will help your giftee enjoy the tea(s) in the basket:

  • For loose teas, a nice little teapot, with an infuser basket or with a strainer, and a holiday design mug.
  • For bagged teas, either a nice little teapot with a holiday design mug, or a tea-for-one or tea-for-two set.

Woven Christmas Tree Gift BasketOnce you know what you want in the gift basket, you can select a basket that’s the right size. Basketsserve two purposes: first, to hold things, and second, to be an attractive part of the gift and possibly something the giftee will keep for years to come (I certainly have). So, choose well. Metal, wood, plastic, and woven baskets in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, rectangular, or such objects as sleighs, are available. Metal, wood, and plastic will last longer, but a woven sleigh basket will look so cute with a teddy bear in it when the tea is gone and the holidays are past.

These ideas should get you started on crafting that perfect tea gift basket. Happy hunting!

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