Holiday Tea Gift Ideas, Part 2

Here are some more holiday tea gift ideas for the different types of tea-drinkers on your list. If the recipient doesn’t really fit a certain type, you can seldom go wrong by giving him or her a selection of teas, a teapot or a tea mug. Tea lovers always enjoy having a good supply of tea, and teaware, on hand.

1. The College Student: College students need their caffeine just to keep up with their busy schedules. The new TigerWing range of mate-based tisanes offer fun flavors in nifty packaging. If your student is a tea lover, they’ll appreciate a complete gift set that includes an electric kettle, loose leaf teas, paper and metal infusers, a measuring spoon and a brightly-colored teapot.

2. The Tree Hugger: For your ecologically-minded friends, how about a selection of organic, loose-leaf teas and a reusable tea strainer? Unlike teabags, which can end up in landfills, tea strainers are reusable and, with proper care, can last for years. Another option is a tea infuser mug which brews up tasty cups of loose leaf tea with minimal mess and waste.

3. The Aficionado: So you have a tea-loving friend who has all the equipment, but really loves to try new, high-quality tea. The Golden Moon range of loose leaf teas is simply excellent. My personal favorites include their amazing Darjeeling and Sinharaja (a wonderful Ceylon) teas.  Another option is a selection of loose-leaf estate teas.

4. The Anglophile: Put together an assortment of English teas, such as PG Tips, Twinings, and Taylors of Harrogate along with some traditional British foods such as clotted cream, lemon curds and jams, scones, and biscuits (cookies).

5. The Iced Tea Lover: Sure, its wintertime, but lots of folks drink the stuff year ’round. Bodum does some gorgeous iced tea pitchers and companies like Harney & Sons make special large teabags designed for brewing up pitchers of iced tea.

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