English Breakfast Blend No. 2

English Breakfast Blend No. 2 as part of tea time!
English Breakfast Blend No. 2 as part of tea time!

The Subject: English Breakfast Blend No. 2
Company: The English Tea Store

Water temperature: 212° F
Steeping time: 5 mins.
Tea type: Black
Additions: N/A
Aroma, dry leaves: Malty, jammy, rich

1st Infusion:
Aroma, plain — Malty, jammy, hint of fruity
Taste, plain — Malty, jammy, astringent, hint of fruity
Color, plain — Red-brown
Taste, enhanced — Smooth, caramelly, slightly fruity as cools

2nd Infusion: Weak, not recommended

A BIT OF A PET PEEVE HERE: Tea videos are great, but I wish tea companies would also put the teas used in their blends in a text description on their Website. Ditto for steeping instructions. Having to view a video to get this information is getting tedious.

Okay, I got that off my chest. On with the review.

The person in the video for this tea says it is a blend of high-grown Kenyan, Ceylon, and 2nd Flush Assam. The larger tea leaf size, as compared to the dust of the English Breakfast Blend No. 1, was a welcome sight.

Wet/Dry Leaves

We found that the tea steeped perfectly after just 5 minutes. To steep longer would have increased the astringency. The liquid was somewhat astringent even after this steep time, but have no fear. It’s meant to be that way, since it can stand up to having milk added to it, unlike delicate teas whose taste gets smothered by that milk. As the tea cooled a bit (with the milk and sweetener in it), both hubby and I detected a bit of fruitiness, probably from the Ceylon tea in the blend. Small wonder that one of the company owners says this is his favorite tea.

Want to guarantee great presents under the Christmas tree? Switch from milk and cookies to a hot cup of this tea (with milk and sweetener) with some Dark Chocolate McVitie’s Digestives. Santa will be so thrilled that he’ll leave you TWO of everything!

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