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Tea is a drink that’s grown and consumed the whole world over. Do we even need to point out (yet again) that much pointed out statistic that it is the second most popular drink in the world after water? Enough said. Here are a few tea-related items of interest with a global flair.

So just how much do the British love tea? Quite a lot, actually. If you need more specifics than that then be sure to check out the FAQ from the UK Tea Council, which also includes some general facts about our favorite beverage. Speaking of the Brits and tea, here’s an article about Fortnum & Mason, a British chain that’s probably best-known for its tea, not to mention other things. As the article notes, they are planning to open new stores in China, India and the Middle East.

Of course, much of the tea world kind of has a way of interlocking with other parts of the tea world and thus is the case with India, where the British first began producing tea several centuries ago. Here’s an interesting article about Ineeka, a Chicago-based tea merchant who specialize in selling Indian tea grown in their very own Indian garden.

No mention of Indian tea would be truly complete without bringing up Darjeeling, the mountainous region that renowned for its high-quality premium black tea. Here’s a rather in-depth article on Darjeeling tea from a recent edition of The Atlantic magazine.

Tea In The Sahara is not just a popular song by The Police. It’s also the title of this informative article from the Epicurious web site. As the name might lead one to believe, it’s a (nicely illustrated) look at how tea is prepared in the Sahara desert. The key words here are Chinese green tea and a whole lotta sugar.

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