Tea Travel and Infuser Mugs

Trudeau Pink Travel Tea Infuser Mug
Trudeau Pink Travel Tea Infuser Mug

Looking for ways to drink your tea on the go? A tea travel  mug or self-contained infuser mug may be just what you need. Tea travel and infuser mugs let you take your loose-leaf tea on the road without the need for packing a kit of specialized teaware.  Tea travel mugs offer entirely-enclosed tea brewing in easy-to-grip mugs with removable infuser baskets. Add your tea leaf, add some hot water, seal up the travel mug and toddle on your way. Within a few minutes you’ll have fresh, hot tea.

Some tips for using tea travel mug:

  1. Unless you are in a situation in which you can easily remove the infuser basket from your tea travel mug (which likely has very hot water in it), choose a tea that doesn’t generally turn bitter and disagreeable after a long steep. Oolong tea, such as Ti Kuan Yin, can often withstand long steeps.
  2. Because travel mugs are sealed, the water can’t cool down the way it does in a cup or mug. The water in your travel mug will be very hot for some time after you fill it, so be careful when taking that first sip.
  3. Tea travel mugs can be great for cold brewing ice tea. Just put your tea leaf in the basket, add cold water, and let sit in the fridge overnight. When you go out the next morning, you’ll have a tumbler full of fresh, cold tea to drink!

Another option is a infuser mug, which isn’t suitable for use while walking or in transit, but can be a great option if you are at work or staying somewhere other than home. An infuser mug is made up of three parts: The mug, an infuser basket and a lid. Just add your tea to the infuser basket and place the basket into the mug. Add hot water, cover, and allow to steep, then remove the infuser so you can sip your hot tea. If you buy an infuser mug, be sure to save the box it came in so that you can easily and securely pack it for trips.

A few tips for making tea with an infuser mug:

  1. Measure the amount of water the mug holds by filling a measuring cup with water and then pouring water into the infuser mug so that it reaches one and a half inches from the rim. Use the water amount to determine how much dry leaf you need to use in the mug.
  2. Never completely fill an infuser mug with boiling water. The steam will push up on the lid, causing the scalding water to leak out and possibly cause burns.
  3. Rest your infuser in the turned-over cup lid while you drink your tea.

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