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  • Tea Kettle Philosophy — The Long Flight

    This tea kettle philosopher is going to share with you a little secret of how to survive that long-distance flight to spread some holiday cheer to those most dear to you. Being a diehard user of a tea kettle, I usually have about 20 minutes to ponder. Plenty of time to explore this important issue… Continue reading

  • Tea Journeys

    I’ve written a lot about travelling with tea, but what about tea that travels? There is, of course, a lot of tea that gets shipped en masse across the world as imports and exports; tea is a popular drink across the world, and most of the tea in Europe and the United States is shipped in from… Continue reading

  • The Other High Tea II

    After writing an article on some fine tea-related offerings on British Airways and a few Asian airlines I thought it might be interesting to revisit the issue of tea in high places. For starters, I thought I might see what some of the big name airlines offered. Not that I was expecting much, given that… Continue reading

  • The Tea Princess Travels Again

    This Tea Princess and her Tea Hubby took a short trip recently. Just a one night stay-over to visit a new town and check out the local tea scene, which was said to be “really steeping.” And this meant a night in a motel and facing the … take a deep breath … motel room… Continue reading

  • The Indispensability of Tea

    What do naturalists and tea have in common? Well, ostensibly not much, but there is a connection. John Muir, a Scottish-American naturalist, once famously said, “throw a loaf of bread and a pound of tea in an old sack and jump over the back fence.” I couldn’t agree more. A lot of my recent articles… Continue reading

  • Tea Travels

    I am a traveller (you can tell this in part from the fact that I spell “traveller” the British way!).  One of the biggest challenges when travelling (again, the British spelling!) is to maintain some normal routines so you do not feel too destabilised and completely surrounded by the unfamiliar. For me, an important routine is… Continue reading

  • Tea Tourist

    One of the great pleasures of traveling is taking time to enjoy some tea in a new place according to the customs of the local residents. Also, being one of those people who travels for the purpose of getting a taste of what life is like in a place other than home, I consider such… Continue reading

  • Tea in the Lunchroom — A Practical Approach

    Want to enjoy tea at work? Many of you will be making it in some type of lunchroom setup. So, how do you handle this tea making? In a word: teabags! Yes, teabags can rescue you from “lunchroom tea” if they are the right teabags. Let’s face it, tea in the workplace lunchroom can be… Continue reading

  • The Tea Princess Travels

    This Tea Princess and her Prince went on a trip recently. As always, we used this as a true tea opportunity. Taking a tip from Lainie Petersen, we carried only bagged tea with us, nothing loose for people to wonder over (“Are you sure that’s tea?”). Some Barry’s Gold Blend and some Devonshire Tea teabags… Continue reading

  • Tea While Traveling

    Travel and tea drinking (at least in the United States) don’t always mix. Loose-leaf tea can appear “suspicious” to airport security, American hotel rooms don’t always offer electric kettles or teapots, and the recent trend toward drinking out of paper sippy cups doesn’t do much for the flavor of tea. Here are some suggestions for… Continue reading

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