The Tea Princess Travels

This Tea Princess and her Prince went on a trip recently. As always, we used this as a true tea opportunity. Taking a tip from Lainie Petersen, we carried only bagged tea with us, nothing loose for people to wonder over (“Are you sure that’s tea?”). Some Barry’s Gold Blend and some Devonshire Tea teabags helped hubby and I rough the wilds of “hotel tea.”

To be fair, it isn’t just the tea typically available in hotels and motels that are at issue for the traveling Tea Princess and Tea Prince. Every place we stopped along the way either didn’t have any tea — bagged or loose — or had the standard teabags seen in most restaurants. I got in the habit of grabbing a teabag from our stash in the car before going into the rest stop. They usually had boiling hot water available from a spigot on one of those commercial style coffee stations. Being the type to take milk and sweetener in both the Barry’s and the Devonshire teas, I would then have to hunt around for whatever was available. It usually meant half-and-half.

On one occasion, hubby quite accidentally handed me French vanilla flavored creamer and, without noticing, I added it to my tea (there were so many “odd” smells in that place that my sensitive sniffer didn’t notice either). Once we were back on the road, I took my first sip. Hmm… vanilla-ish… very odd… and not at all what I wanted. Another sip. Nope… this will definitely not do — at least, not for this Tea Princess! Since hubby is a Tea Prince and very loving and considerate, he understood the situation immediately. My “Ugh! Vanilla!” cry was not even needed (it just came out)! We stopped off at the next place available to try again. This time, the creamer was the original kind. Ah, the trials and tribulations of travel!

To make a long story short and save you the blow-by-blow of the rest of the trip out to our destination, suffice it to say that we encountered about the same thing everywhere we stopped.

Once at that destination, we settled into our hotel room where we would be spending the next three nights and were greeted by this setup:

Yes, the price on that bottle of water beside the tray is $4.00! Thank goodness we carried our own with us.

The hotel had a wonderful breakfast room and brought my hot water in a cute little white teapot. I can hear the commercial slogan now: “Tea — an important part of this complete breakfast” (sort of like those silly cereal commercials).

Ready to begin steeping, my teabags standing by (and yes I was “roughing it” by steeping the whole bag, not cutting it open — it saved my carrying along and possibly losing a strainer):

The finished product, complete with two of those half-and-half creamer thingies and sweetener:

Once back home, we practically kissed our tea kettle and other tea prep equipage. We’re home! Next time: the Tea Princess kit (the large travel size, that is) goes with us. This was just too rough!

On a side note, hubby and I saw a neat sight: a line of cows and their half grown heifers walking along, presumably to a greener pasture (ba dum bum!). One cow probably started walking, her heifer following her, and the others all joined in the parade. It brought to mind the thought of how people sometimes just follow the lead cow. In tea, that leads to “tea trends.” Someone says he/she likes a particular type of tea, and a bunch of other tea lovers just have to try it. Been there myself.

Here’s hope your travels with tea will be tasty ones!

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3 thoughts on “The Tea Princess Travels

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  3. Judy Trapp

    I enjoy your Tea Princess articles very much. It brought back the memory of a vacation taken some time ago to the Black Hills in the Dakotas. We stopped at a Bavarian Inn for the night. For dinner I order tea and was presented with a wooden chest filled with a selection of teas! What a surprise. There was such an unusual selection to choose from. When I complimented them on this they told me to take some for the road. Such a pleasure in an unexpected place. Judy

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