I realise I am a little biased, but for me there is more to the joy of tea than just drinking it. I like the whole process of boiling, brewing and pouring. I think there is something very relaxing in the magic of turning dry, dead looking leaves into the warming, invigorating drink that we all know and love.

Earl Grey Tea
Earl Grey Tea

It turns out that I am not alone in this opinion, I am in the auspicious company of none other than Elizabeth II, the Queen of England. Whilst her majesty enjoys a fairly hectic and changeable daily routine apparently there is one tradition to which she strictly adheres. Everyday at 5 o’clock in the afternoon she pours herself a cup of Earl Grey tea. If you were lucky enough to be a guest at the royal tea table at this time of day you would have the rather strange experience of the Queen pouring your tea for you, as this is one daily ritual in which her servants are not allowed to play any part. Personally, I have gone a step further and dismissed the servant entirely. I know it’s extreme, but, really, if the Queen can do it, then I’m sure I can get by somehow!

Morning Meadows Teapot
Morning Meadows Teapot

I know that pouring your own tea is hardly a crowning achievement, but I love the idea of this one special cup of tea providing a few minutes of treasured normalcy in an otherwise fairly odd life. It is in the nature of tea drinking that people so often have their own personal rituals associated with it. It is nice to know that even the most privileged are not immune to these simplest of pleasures.

So if you feel like a bit of regal solidarity then all you need is a pot of Earl Grey ready to go at 5pm GMT and not a butler in sight. If it’s good enough for the Queen of England, then it’s surely worth a try.

Check out the history of Earl Grey tea.

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