Tea Storage Containers

A Well-stocked Tea Wallet
A Well-stocked Tea Wallet

My readers know that I am a stickler for proper tea storage: A tea’s flavor is easily compromised by exposure to air, moisture and other smells. In fact, teas can get contaminated by the scent of other teas and tisanes. To protect your teas, keep both your loose leaf and bagged teas in airtight storage containers.

Regular canning jars work fine for tea storage as long as you keep them in a dark cupboard or closet. Otherwise, the clear glass doesn’t protect the tea from the damaging effects of light. The English Tea Store sells clear tea caddies that form a strong seal while letting you have a look at the tea inside. Other options include opaque tea caddies with measuring spoons attached to their sides, this one even has a handle that makes it easy for you to carry your tea of choice over to your kettle and teapot for steeping.

While I don’t advise buying large quantities of tea, as tea generally doesn’t improve with age, if you do decide to buy several pounds of tea, or if you favor very “fluffy”, large leaf teas that take up a lot of space, check out this extra-large, four pound tea canister with a magnetic seal. It even has a little one-ounce tin that separates from the container, allowing you to take some tea with you when you head off to work for the day.

Speaking of transit and travel, a smaller tea storage container with a clamp can both keep your tea fresh and prevent it from spilling out into your suitcase. Bring a set of T-Sacs, or a travel mug, with you and you’ll have your tea whenever you want it. If you are a bagged tea drinker, try a tea wallet: These cute pouches hold your teabags in one place, protecting them from damage and keeping them from getting lost in your purse or backpack.

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6 thoughts on “Tea Storage Containers

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  4. John

    When it comes to storing tea en mass, by the pound for instance, does it matter what kind of container it is in as long as it is sealed? I’m referring to loose tea since I do not drink any bagged teas.

    Like say, should you use a plastic bag should it be dark colored to prevent sunlight penetration or does it matter?

    Would a glass hermetic jar be even better? Again would an opaque be better than a transparent jar?

    Once I’ve opened a bag it never lasts long enough for this to be an issue, but sometimes when I have a few open and the pecking order is established I don’t want the poor tea to go last to go bad before I get to it :).


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