The Scent of Tea

There have been a myriad of tea-related beauty products over the centuries as people tried to find other ways besides drinking it to take advantage of its various health giving properties. If you search for tea and beauty, you will find a bewildering array of creams, shampoos, bath products and perfumes, predominantly centered around green tea.

Pearl River Green Tea
Pearl River Green Tea

Tetley have recently bucked the trend by producing a new perfume called Le Brew which recreates the scent of a fresh cup of black tea. The scent was commissioned after tea was voted one of the UK’s top ten smells along with other favourites such as cut grass and new books. Petrol was also on the list, so let’s just hope the oil companies don’t have the same idea!

The new “eau de tea-lette” hopes to evoke the relaxing experience of sitting down with a fresh cup of tea as well as the aromatic environment of the tea plantations. It is the signature scent of Tina, one of the Tetley cartoon tea folk, and is available in limited amounts via the ebay store.

I drink enough tea that I probably smell of it anyway, so I’m not sure I’ll be splashing £15 on a bottle just to try it but I can’t say I’m not curious. Smell is the most evocative of the senses after all, and there are still a sad few hours in every day when I don’t have a cup of tea to hand. Maybe this could banish those bereft moments forever?

I’m glad to see the smell of tea being appreciated. Like the bouquet of a good wine it is such an important part of the whole experience, wonderfully enhanced by the way it rises up to you in the steam.

Some scents recall memories or events, and some, like pine and christmas, recall times of the year, but the smell of tea, something so ubiquitous and often unnoticed, must conjure up quiet moments and time taken for yourself. Whether or not it is something I’d wish to smell of myself, I can certainly see why someone would want to bottle it.

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