20 Reasons to Drink Tea in May

Hibiscus Herbal
Hibiscus Herbal

May is chock full of all sorts of special occasions, holidays, and dates recognizing everything from teachers to moms to veterans. As a lover of tea, I have singled out 20 lesser-known dates and shown how you, too, can squeeze even more enjoyment out of every tea leaf by toasting these occasions. Nothing too serious here, just great tea fun!

First, I want to mention some month-long observations. May seems to be national food month. It is simultaneously National Barbecue, Hamburger, Egg, Salad, and Strawberry Month. Sounds like a picnic menu! The second week of May is also Wildflower Week, so have a floral tisane and toast some wildflowers! The third week is National Police Week, so toast the brave men and women risking life and limb with your teacup and a donut dunked in it!

On to those 20 very special reasons to drink tea during this second full month of Spring.

  1. Loyalty Day — May 1st — There is probably a tea you’re loyal to, the one you turn to when you need the kind of thirst-quenching that only that particular tea can achieve. Pay homage to that tea today by hoisting a cuppa or two!
  2. Brothers and Sisters Day — May 2nd — I’m not sure this means you should fight more or fight less with your siblings. It’s probably your choice. Just don’t break the teapot!
  3. Lumpy Rug Day — May 3rd — If you snitch on the mob, this could be your day, that is, you could end up as the lump rolled up in the rug. Don’t be a lump — drink tea! You won’t have time to snitch.
  4. National Candied Orange Peel Day — May 4th — Try dropping a piece or two into a light cup of black tea just as an experiment!
  5. Beverage Day — May 6th — Do I really need to say it? Drink tea today! This ties in with the next one, which is on the same date.
  6. No Diet Day — May 6th — Don’t worry, tea is naturally low in calories (close to zero unless you add sugar, honey, milk, etc., to it). So, drink lots of it today!
  7. National Scrapbook Day — May 7th — On the first Saturday of May, we celebrate that time-honored tradition of pasting bits of our past into a big book so we can pass them to future generations who will use them as doorstops or bonfire fodder. My latest tea scrapbook entry: “And then in 1982 I had this lovely oolong. It changed my life. No more teadust in a bag for me!”
  8. No Socks Day — May 8th — We’re talking about the kind you wear on your feet, not the kind delivered with your fist — although, now that I think about it, having a day free from that kind is good, too. Gee, all this thinking about socks is making me thirsty. Time to refill the teacup.
  9. Eat What You Want Day — May 11th — That’s easy – I want scones and tea!
  10. Kite Day— May 12th — A day when you can tell someone to go fly a kite literally! Take along some tea in your favorite travel mug!
  11. Frog Jumping Day — May 13th — Go out and jump around like a frog and then have a big pitcher of chilled or iced tea.
  12. National Chocolate Chip Day — May 15th — They’re great in cookies, scones, muffins, even tea. Or just grab a handful when you need a choco fix!
  13. No Dirty Dishes Day — May 18th — Just throw a dish towel over them. Out of sight, out of mind!
  14. First Photo Sent From Space in 1990 from the Hubble space telescope — May 20th — Would you believe it was a photo of a teacup-shaped galaxy? Well, not really, but it would have been very cool!
  15. National Memo Day — May 21st — To: Self; Subject: Tea; Msg: Drink more!
  16. First Morse Code Message — May 24th — Sent from Washington, DC, to Baltimore, MD, in 1844. It said: “My teacup is empty. Need refill now!”
  17. Blueberry Cheesecake Day — May 26th — Nuff said! Go put the kettle on for tea. I’ll start slicing!
  18. Masking Tape Patented in 1930 — May 27th — Anyone who’s painted a room and wanted clean, straight lines at the trim work will be very happy to make note of this date. Hubby and I certainly are, after all of the painting of rooms we have done over the years. In fact, a special tea party is in order just to say thanks!
  19. Ice Cream Freezer Patented in 1848 by William Young — May 30th — Did you know you could flavor ice cream with tea such as matcha? It’s TEA-rrific!
  20. National Macaroon Day — May 31st — These are especially nice at tea time. I love ’em with a strong cuppa Keemun with milk and sweetener. Dunk dunk!

Time for me to go celebrate a most special day: another day of being alive. Enjoy!

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