20 Reasons to Drink Tea in July

Bolands Lemon Puffs
Bolands Lemon Puffs

July is the first full month of Summer, reason enough to drink tea, as if you true tea lovers need one. Nevertheless, I pulled together 20 more fun times to toast with a nice hot cuppa tea or a glass or two of tea served cold with or without ice. Again, I skip the obvious occasions, such as the 4th of July.

There are a number of monthly dates to check out first: National Anti-Boredom Month, National Baked Bean Month, National Blueberry Month, National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Picnic Month, National Recreation Month, and Unlucky Month for Weddings.

  1. World UFO Day — July 2nd — Go to the nearest crop circle and hold a spacey tea time!
  2. Compliment Your Mirror Day — July 3rd — Drinking tea is said to make your hair shiny, keep your teeth in good shape, and lots more. So, the image in your mirror will be a great one, worthy of praise!
  3. Work-a-holics Day — July 5th — Drink more tea to maintain your strength as you keep your nose to the grindstone! (You might need a straw, since it’s hard to drink from a cup in that position.)
  4. National Fried Chicken Day — July 6th — Licking your fingers is definitely allowed, especially since it’s pretty tricky to pick up your tea cup with greasy fingers.
  5. Liberty Bell Cracks in 1835 — July 8th — The crack happened while the bell was being rung at John Marshall’s funeral. The bell became a symbol in a way it never would have had it remained intact. I have a cracked teapot that symbolizes all the wonderful tea times at which it proudly served.
  6. National Sugar Cookie Day — July 9th — Whether you dunk or not, sugar cookies are a great tea time treat. But then, so are just about any cookie/biscuit!
  7. Barn Day — July 10th — Usually held on the Second Sunday in July and celebrated with cows and horses and cowboys and cowgirls all gathering round the teapot!
  8. Paper Bag Day — July 12th — The paper bag manufacturing machine was patented. Great for totin’ home all those teas and teawares from the tea shops, and very reusable!
  9. Embrace Your Geekness Day — July 13th — Find the coolest, geekiest item you can to help you make and/or enjoy tea.
  10. National French Fries Day — July 13th — I tend to favor the ones from a certain fast food establishment, but I remember the ones I had in London (they’re called “chips” over there) with vinegar or mayonnaise (I like those “chips” with either). They seem to go especially well with tea.
  11. Pandemonium Day — July 14th — Look out! Your tea time could be a bit, uh, well, “different.”
  12. Apollo 11 Lifts Off to the moon in 1969 — July 16th — I wonder if they had a tea party when they got there. Imagine having tea where the gravity is 1/5th what it is here. How would the tea stay in the cups?
  13. Sewing Machine Patented In 1790 — July 17th — An invention guaranteed to keep you in stitches. Ba-dum-bum! Seriously, these machines facilitated the creation of cloth items related to tea time: cozies, aprons, hot pads, napkins, tablecloths, and lovely tea time dresses.
  14. National Raspberry Cake Day — July 19th — Raspberry cake with a nice dark chocolate icing and some lovely Dragonwell green tea will be great to celebrate the day. And you can hog it all to yourself!
  15. Moon Day in 1869 — July 20th — Armstrong and Aldrin landed on moon, set up the tea table, and declared, “One small step for man, one giant tea party for mankind!”
  16. Hammock Day — July 22nd — The symbol of Summer time relaxation is certainly worth it’s own special day. Drinking tea while lying in a hammock is a bit tricky, though, and could result in tea up the nose or running across your cheeks and into your ears, something I have personally experienced. Ew!
  17. National Hot Dog Day — July 23rd — For some strange reason, the Oscar Mayer song comes to mind here. I had one of those little whistles they used to give away. Talk about annoying “mom” and “pop” — TOOT!
  18. Amelia Earhart Day — July 24th — Ms. Earhart flew off into the ether and was never heard from again. The story is floating around that she landed, disembarked from the plane, saw a rabbit and followed it down it’s rabbit hole, and came across the craziest tea party.
  19. Beatrix Potter’s Birthday (Born in 1866) — July 28th — Without her, where would all those cute creatures she created be?
  20. National Cheesecake Day — July 30th — Yeah, I know, we just got done stuffing our faces with raspberry cake, but that’s no reason not to indulge in some cheesecake! Try a nice Assam tea with it. Steep the tea up light, so you won’t need to add anything to it.

These should keep you busy during July and give you an opportunity to dig into the back of your tea cupboard or pantry for some of those more esoteric teas!

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