Bella Coola by English Tea Store

Bella Coola Caffeine free herbal
Bella Coola Caffeine free herbal

Name: Bella Coola

Brand: English Tea Store

Type: Herbal/fruit tisane

Form: Loose Leaf

Review: This is a fruity tisane that tastes remarkably like a cross between fruit punch and a low-sugar cranberry juice.

The blend is typical of many tisanes, and includes a base of rosehips and hibiscus (the tisane is bright fuschia). This makes for a decidedly tart brew: I don’t think it needs sweetening, but you may want to add a bit of sugar (or a sugar substitute) to the blend to soften its tartness.There is a significant citrus backnote that makes the blend more interesting than plain hibiscus/rosehips.

Incidentally, this is one tisane that is much better cold than hot. You can try it hot, of course, and it isn’t bad, but I think that the heat doesn’t do the fruit flavors justice and that drinking it hot is a waste of the blend. Save this for hot days when you need tangy cold drink.

Preparation Tips: Experiment with the amount of dry Bella Coola that you use in its preparation, as this is the best way to control the intensity of flavor, particularly the tartness that comes from the rosehips and hibiscus. Use boiling water and allow to infuse for about 5 minutes for a drink that isn’t too tart. If you want it more tart, steep for a few more minutes.

Serving Tips: I’d only recommend serving Bella Coola hot if you are fighting a cold and need a hot, tangy, caffeine-free drink to soothe your throat. As noted above, it isn’t bad hot, but it’s intense tang is much better cold. Bella Coola is a great substitute for fruit punch, so make plenty of it to keep and serve on ice. You may also want to get creative and blend it with fizzy water, sodas or spirits to make interesting cocktails.

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