Morning RouTEAne

Everyone has a morning routine, but tea lovers also have their morning rouTEAne. Just as those first tasks after waking are necessary to get your day off to a proper start, so is that morning tea — the first cuppa, numero uno, la première tasse, etc.

It's not breakfast with out the proper cuppa tea!
It's not breakfast with out the proper cuppa tea!

Regardless of what comprises your personal ablutions, they are part of what helps you face the day, be it shaving off the chin stubble, brushing your hair into something reasonable looking, applying “facial enhancement products” (mascara, rouge, eyeshadow, etc.), ironing your last clean shirt, and otherwise making yourself presentable to the world. These are pretty much exterior matters. Your day can’t start off without some interior items, too. A bowl of oatmeal, some orange juice, toast, bacon or sausage, eggs, or whichever way your taste swings. (I’ve been known to have some reheated leftover curry as my fast breaker on more than one occasion.)

This is where that morning rouTEAne comes in for us tea lovers. You coffee folks probably have the coffee maker already set up from the night before to start brewing so the coffee is hot and fresh by the time your exterior modifications are complete. Us tea drinkers have similar options, with quite a few automatic tea makers on the market (and more coming every day). But they are only good with certain teas, some even needing to be in special little containers such as plastic cups and specially shaped bags.

Many of us tea lovers also don’t want the ground-into-dust black teas either, whether bagged or loose. The nuggets of a CTC Assam or the broken leaf of many other black teas is preferred, bagged or not. Or an oolong, able to be steeped multiple times, can also be a great option for that wake-up cuppa. Some of you even prefer green or white teas with their lighter flavor and shorter steeping time.

For us, therefore, the morning rouTEAne is taking those few minutes to heat water, steep the tea, and either drink it there or pour it into a travel mug to enjoy on the commute to our jobs. The wiser ones among us enjoy that first cuppa at home. It gives them a chance to have a moment to compose themselves, reflect on the dreams that graced their sleeping hours, and align their thoughts to the day’s journey.

Whatever your path twixt waking and sleeping, start with your morning rouTEAne and you won’t go wrong!

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