Tearoom Review: Franchia in New York City

Franchia: The Korean Touch
Franchia: The Korean Touch

Some years ago when I worked in New York, Franchia was a frequent stop for their wonderful teas, their delicious vegan menu, and their soothing atmosphere. Since we moved out of the area, Franchia has been amongst the things I miss the most. So when I had the opportunity to visit The City recently for the first time in six years, Franchia was one of my first stops.

Happily, it’s still as I remembered. Their low-key entrance opens into a light-filled, multi-level space in cool neutral tones accented with dark wood and richly colourful textiles. A Korean accent is evident in the decor, serving ware, vegan dishes, and the teas.

A couple of favourites are no longer on the menu, like green tea noodles (fortunately still served at P.F. Chang’s). I did find several interesting new additions — both food and teas; they’ve updated the décor, and they now place a convenient waiter call button on every table.

I considered ordering their yummy Royal Tea Tray, comprised of a variety of appetizers and desserts. They also offer a lighter Afternoon Tea Tray with a good selection of sweets, and there’s a full à la carte lunch and dinner menu.

The highlight, of course, is their excellent Korea green teas — first-, second-, or third-picked — served in a Korean cup with overlapping lid and removable strainer. The waiter prepares the first cupful, then leaves a thermal carafe of hot water at your table for re-steeping. My dining companion and I paired our dumplings and our tofu with roasted kabocha pumpkin with the sweet grassiness of Franchia’s second-picked Korea Wild Green tea.

Rice Cake Kirimochi
Rice Cake Kirimochi

Although their hot tea menu is not large, it is well chosen to complement their food menu. They also offer tisanes, a variety of iced teas, and a “tea latta” made with soy cream. I did consider ordering one of these for dessert, but ultimately chose their mochi — an old favourite — instead.

Franchia’s combination of tasty menu, well-made teas, peaceful surroundings, and exceptional Park Avenue people-watching make for a very pleasant afternoon or evening. Their small retail area lets you take home pretty tea ware and wonderful teas.

Highly recommended!

12 Park Avenue (between 34th and 35th), New York

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