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Review — Yorkshire Harrogate by The English Tea Store

Yorkshire Harrogate Tea
Yorkshire Harrogate Tea

Name: Yorkshire Harrogate

Brand: English Tea Store

Type: Black tea, blend

Form: Loose leaf

Review: Yorkshire Harrogate leaf is most peculiar: A blend of dark brown CTC (machine processed) tea with a few tips and leaves strewn in. I’m not quite sure what the tea-blender was going for when putting this tea together, but whatever it is, I like it. It’s nose is slightly woody with a hint of chocolate.

Once brewed up to the color of an old penny, the medium-bodied tea has the strength that I would expect from a CTC tea, along with a slightly bitter, but not unpleasant, backnote. It was not, however, as strong nor as astringent as many CTC teas that I have tried. Instead, the tea even has a slightly sweet, malty quality and I picked up most of the astringency at the finish. I’ve enjoyed several cups with breakfast as well as on its own, and if you are a fan of British-style blends, you’ll probably love this tea.

Incidentally, it makes a great classic iced tea. The chill tones down the bitterness and makes it wonderfully refreshing on its own or with food. I tried the iced version with a meal of Mongolian beef and broccoli with garlic sauce and it was absolutely fantastic. Plus, at $4.09 for four ounces, this is an incredibly economical choice for iced tea lovers.

Preparation Tips: This is a sturdy tea, easy to prepare. I’d recommend a teaspoon of leaf to eight ounces of boiling water. Let it steep for 3-4 minutes. This tea is strong: Don’t overdo the steep or the leaf amount!

Serving Tips: Stands up to milk and sugar like a champ, but I particularly liked it with no additives and paired with scrambled eggs and chorizo. This makes a very good, basic, but highly refreshing iced tea: Try it with a bit of lemon.

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