Cupcakes at Tea Time

Sweets at tea time are a natural. Scones, cookies, those finger-sized sandwiches, and, of course, cupcakes! The thought stirred my inner tea poet and inspired this ditty:

Click on image to see get the recipe
Click on image to see get the recipe

(Sing to the tune of “On Top of Old Smokey”)

Oh, I love a cupcake
With icing so sweet.
Without it my tea time
Is just not complete!

I peel back the wrapper
And enjoy the sight
Of that cakey goodness
Before the first bite.

Now comes the decision
To nibble or bite.
I can’t make my mind up
And sit here all night!

The sun is arising
And still here I sit
But cupcake is gone now.
Oh, where did it git?

My hubby is smiling
And looking content
I think I now know where
That cupcake done went.

The lesson is clear here:
You should not delay.
Save not your cupcake to
Eat another day!

Mim Estate Darjeeling
Mim Estate Darjeeling

Now that I have you singing (and in the mood for cupcakes), here are a few teas that will be great to have with your delectable treats:

  • Darjeeling with just about anything sweet and fruity
  • Earl Grey with dark chocolate, caramelly, citrusy, and fruity cupcakes
  • Assam with dark chocolate/mocha, carrot cake style, caramelly, and pecan cupcakes
  • Keemun with vanilla and cheesecaky cupcakes
  • Oolongs with chocolate, nutty, honey-flavored, apricot, black currant, and pecan cupcakes
  • Yunnan with milk chocolaty, mocha-flavored, and fruity cupcakes
  • Dragonwell style green teas with milk chocolate, carrot cake style, cheesecaky, caramelly, apples, black currants, strawberries, and pumpkin cupcakes
  • Ceylon green and black teas go with just about anything except chocolate, apples, apricots, black currants, and mocha flavored cupcakes

This list should get you started. And with a little experimentation, you may find some pairings of your own or that your tastebuds actually like Ceylon green with mocha. No hard and fast rules here when it comes to taste!

Happy exploring, and if you need a cupcake taster, let me know!

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