Review — The English Tea Store’s Pumpkin Spice Black Tea

Pumpkin Spice Flavored Black
Pumpkin Spice Flavored Black

Name: Pumpkin Spice Black Tea

Brand: English Tea Store

Type: Black, flavored

Form: Loose leaf

Review: It’s that time of year again: Coffee houses and ice cream retailers are trotting out calorie laden “pumpkin spice” lattes, milkshakes and ice creams, and who can blame them? The flavor of pumpkin meshed with allspice, cinnamon and other warm spices is irresistible. Fortunately, the good folks at the English Tea store have put together an excellent blend that should satisfy cravings for pumpkin-y delights while keeping your calorie count low. Its Pumpkin Spice Black Tea is downright delicious!

I got a hint of how good this tea is when I sniffed the dry leaf and noted its sweet, spicy notes. After brewing, I noted that it produced a light-bodied, honey-colored liquor with a spicy, sweet smell. The proof of its quality, however, was all in the sipping. This tea is sweet, rich and somewhat addictive, distinctly reminiscent of pumpkin pie. I think that the tea’s light body works well with its flavors, creating a flavor profile that is warm and rich, but not overdone.

Incidentally, this tea incorporates rooibos along with black tea leaves. I’ve seen this approach in other spiced teas before, and I think it is often a good one. The rooibos adds its own sweet, earthy flavors to the blend, which creates a richer, more complex tea blend.

Preparation Tips: Infuse a teaspoon of dry leaf in eight ounces of boiling water. Allow to steep for four minutes. I don’t think the tea needs any sugar or milk, although you may want to experiment with both. One option is to make a double-strength tea as a base for a tea latte: Use twice the recommended amount of leaf, but don’t overboil. Blend thoroughly with hot milk and enjoy!

Serving Tips: Enjoy this tea on its own or with holiday baked goods.

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