Sylvakandy Estate Ceylon Tea — Sheer Delight!

Sylvakandy Estate Ceylon Tea
Sylvakandy Estate Ceylon Tea

Sylvakandy Estate Tea from Ceylon just upped my taste standards when it comes to a nice cuppa black tea. The taste is quite distinctive from teas grown in the Assam area of India despite the varietal of Camellia Sinensis being the same (Camellia Sinensis assamica).

A lot of Ceylon teas are machine-processed and bagged, but this one is larger leaf pieces, not fannings and dust. The leaves are dark brown in color and have a wonderful aroma that is akin to raisins or dried plums. Take a deep whiff when you first open the package ― ahhhhh! Remember, tea is an experience for all of your senses, not just taste. You want to be sure to use clear, boiling water to bring out all that tea leaf goodness. Steep Sylvakandy Estate tea for at least 5 minutes. You can add some milk and sugar or other sweetener for a wonderfully flavored and satisfying cuppa!

This tea is from the Kandy region, the first region in Ceylon to grow tea and one of six tea-producing regions on this island nation. The teas of each region have distinctive tastes, with the ones from Kandy being regarded as mid country teas noted for their full-bodied taste, appealing to everyone who likes a good, thick, colorful liquid. The tea plantations are at elevations ranging from 2,034 to 4,070 feet, average by tea standards and low when compared with Darjeelings, Yunnans, and teas from Anhui province, to name a few. Kandy is still the top producer of tea in Ceylon, with most of their output being used in blends.

Enjoy this full-flavored tea with dinner or during your afternoon tea break. Frankly, I also like this as a breakfast tea, the aroma and taste being real “waker-uppers.” In fact, generally speaking, black Ceylon teas go with a wide variety of foods, from meats, pastas, cheeses and eggs, to sweets like baklava, carrot cake, cheesecake, raspberry tarts, banana cream pies, and pumpkin pie.

Ceylon teas are used in many blends, including brands like Barry’s and PG Tips, and in flavored teas. But this Sylvakandy Estate Tea can stand on its own with a flavor that will have you hooked from the first taste. Enjoy!

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13 thoughts on “Sylvakandy Estate Ceylon Tea — Sheer Delight!

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  8. Judy Trapp

    When you brew your tea do you leave the leaves loose in the pot and then decant or due you contain the leaves in a filter of some sort? Just curious. I usually contain my leaves. Judy

    1. A.C. Cargill

      I use the two pot method, steeping in one pot and then straining into the other. Not good for when I’m out and about. I use my Libre Tea steeping mug then.

  9. Judy Trapp

    I only by loose tea from Stash. I buy through the catalog. I never knew about the English Tea Store until I began reading your articles. I will try them. Judy

    1. A.C. Cargill

      Sounds good, Judy! The English Tea Store also carries Stash, but I’m not sure if they have the loose teas or only the bagged. Happy hunting!

  10. Judy Trapp

    Do you every purchase your teas from Stash Teas? I do. I enjoy that they have a nice selection of single teas, from a number of different Estates. I enjoy Ceylon tea the best for my personal taste. Judy

    1. A.C. Cargill

      Hi, Judy, I used to buy Stash at the local stores, but am now spoiled by the English Tea Store brand and by some of the other vendors whose teas I’ve tried. Also, Stash seems to be available only in teabags, and I prefer loose leaf. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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