Tea Sampler Packs

Estate Tea Sampler
Estate Tea Sampler

If you are like me and hesitate to try new teas because of the high probably of spending the $$, only to be profoundly disappointed, have I got a deal for you. I just discovered the English Tea Store’s Tea Sampler Packs.

When I get set on something, I stick. I rarely change the arrangement of furniture in my living room. I have been known to buy two pairs of the same shoes so that I can keep wearing a favorite style for years,  and I settled on my favorite three teas years ago and have remained there, quite happily. Some might call this boring. I prefer to think of it at not tampering with perfection.

Still, I am curious, and I’m aware that sometimes my taste has changed, or I’m simply in a mood for something different. Discovery of the Sampler Packs has prompted me to boldly go where I have not gone before, trying new teas with abandon.  I have begun with the Estate Teas Sampler Pack, loose leaves: eight 1 ounce packets each of Margeret’s Hope and Mim Estate Darjeeling, Assam, Oolong Orange Blossom, Nonesuch, Formosa Oolong, Kambaa, and Lover’s Leap Ceylon.

The funniest thing — I got to measure my favorites against new ones in this pack, and I find that my favorites are still just that!  I am also realizing that I’ve grown  an ability to discern faint nuances in the taste of tea.

I am going to keep on, heading around the far east in tea with other sampler packs– Chinese Sampler Pack, English Favorites tea bags Sampler, Japanese loose leaves Sampler, and Far East tea bag Sampler.  There are also herbal loose leaves, herbal bags, and flavored black tea Samplers.

Check out all the Tea Samplers, and discover new favorites, or that you are perfectly happy with exactly what you have. A plus is that these Sampler Packs are in golden-toned packets that would make a very nice gift arranged in a pretty box or basket for the tea lover in your life.

Don’t miss Author Curtiss Ann Matlock’s official blog.

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