20 Reasons to Drink Tea in November

Button Day is November 16th. Sort yours while sipping a cuppa!
Button Day is November 16th. Sort yours while sipping a cuppa!

November is upon us. Ten months gone, and two to go in our annual journey through space around the Sun. The biggies this month are U.S. Election Day (1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday), Veteran’s Day on the 11th and Thanksgiving (U.S.) on the 24th (always the third Thursday).

But first, a few month-long observations: Aviation History Month, Peanut Butter Lovers Month, and National Sleep Comfort Month — all good ones to toast with tea.

On to the daily events:

  1. Look for Circles Day 2nd Circles are fortunately pretty easy to find. Just lift your teacup and you may see one on the surface where it was sitting.
  2. Housewife’s Day 3rd Yeah, I know, “housewife” isn’t a very “p.c.” term. These days, they’re called things like “stay at home Mom” or “work from home wife.” Whatever you women who devote yourself to taking care of “hearth and home” choose to call yourselves, this is your day. So have a splendid tea party!
  3. King Tut Day 4th Have a cuppa nicely aged pu-erh to commemorate. Hopefully it won’t be as old as King Tut, or as tightly wrapped!
  4. Marooned without a Compass Day 6th Don’t worry about it; wherever you are, there will be tea!
  5. End of US Daylight Savings ― “Fall Back” — 6th — You get back the hour you lost in the Spring (unless you’re one of those lucky folks who live in parts of the U.S. that don’t go changing clocks forward and back).
  6. Magazine Day — 7th — Do you know how many magazines are published these days? Me, neither, but I know it’s a lot. Monthlies, Weeklies, Quarterlies, Bi-Annuals, and Annuals. On topics ranging from Aircraft to Zoroastrianism. In that mix are a bunch on your fave topic: tea!
  7. Cook Something Bold Day 8th Indian curry maybe or burn-a-hole-in-your-stomach-chili. Vegans could put together stir-fry comprised of colorful veggies. Chocoholics could go for a lovely mousse. All served with the appropriate tea, of course!
  8. Chaos Never Dies Day 9th You’ve got that right! Just be sure to set aside some time for a soothing cuppa your fave tea.
  9. Parade Day 9th Carry your teapot with pride!
  10. Sadie Hawkins Day 13th Okay, gals, choose your fella and have a tea party!
  11. Clean Your Refrigerator Day 15th Be afraid, be very afraid! Remember that Moo Goo Gai Pan from six months ago? The leftovers are still there, lurking, waiting. On second thought, leave the refrigerator as is and have some tea!
  12. Button Day 16th Button, button, who’s got the button? Buttons have been around a long time and made from all sorts of materials: bone, wood, clay, metals, plastic, nylon, rope, etc. Where would we be without them? Ponder the possibilities of life without buttons over a cuppa tea.
  13. Electronic Greeting Card Day 17th From birthdays to anniversaries to showing appreciation for your favorite teacher to acknowledging special days in your life such as anniversaries, electronic greeting cards bring an extra touch. Be sure to serve up an extra special tea time along with them!
  14. Have a Bad Day Day 19th How curmudgeonly. The only way to achieve this bad day is to avoid tea no way! A day without tea is not just bad, it’s downright distressing.
  15. Absurdity Day 20th There’s nothing absurd about tea, but you can still have a tea party to celebrate the things out there that are absurd.
  16. World Hello Day 21st “Ciao!” “Bonjour!” “Guten Morgen!” and so on. However you say “Hello,” follow it up with a cuppa tea and you will be very welcome.
  17. You’re Welcome Day (the day after Thanksgiving) 25th Be sure to say “Your welcome” to anyone who said “Thank you” to you the day before.
  18. National Cake Day — 26th I can’t believe they scheduled this so close to Thanksgiving. Who can eat cake after stuffing themselves on turkey and all the trimmings? Well, maybe just a bite! And some tea!
  19. King Tut’s Tomb Opened in 1922 — 29th — You should have seen the dust! I guess they couldn’t get maid service there. I heard the archeological team threw a big tea party to celebrate.
  20. Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day 30th I never understood why people stayed home when they were sick. What’s the fun in that? When you’re sick you don’t get to enjoy all the cool stuff you have at home. Besides, if you go to work when you’re sick, you can spread the germs more effectively. (I’m joking, of course.) Healthy or sick, if you stay home, you can steep your tea up nicely and bake something tasty to enjoy with it.

These should keep you busy during November and make you thankful for all the teas available these days!

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