Christmas Tea Gifts

It is that time, darlings! Well, actually, I guess I’m late, because Walmart, Dollar General, and The English Tea Store all have put up their Christmas displays.  Yes, Halloween has not yet come, and Christmas shopping has begun. Then there are those people who shop all year. I applaud their diligence, but I myself have tried it, only to forget where I tucked the gifts away. And then there are those gift ideas that thrill me, so I buy in July, only to forget I bought it and buy it once again.

Anyway, I’m excited to provide suggestions for tea gifts from The English Tea Store, because they have great ones this year. I’ve been making my list and checking it twice. Take a look at these~

Home for the Holidays Gift Basket
Home for the Holidays Gift Basket

Christmas Tea Gift Baskets: lovely selections from the elaborate Home for the Holidays basket, containing, among other things, a shiny, Christmas-red teapot, various Stash tea, and Matthew Walker Luxury Christmas pudding, to the simple Christmas Tea Hamper, a small woven basket with lid, containing bags of Christmas Eve Herbal tea and Christmas Morning black tea. Tie a ribbon on that sweet thing and give it as a hostess gift.

Create your own gift basket: if you are particular (I prefer that term to picky) as I am, you might enjoy putting together your own choices.  Choose your holiday themed container, choose your tea or any of the wide variety of offerings from lemon curd to teapots, and The English Tea Store will assemble the basket for you and cover it with shiny shrink-wrap. Instant gift! Among my favorite containers are the small green tin planter and the golden wire sleigh, with a lot of bling, and very reasonably priced.

A plethora of gift ideas: check out the tea watches. Too cute! A couple of them are tea and roses themed; for whatever reason tea drinkers very often are rose lovers, too. There are bone china tea sets, and for the expats on your list British flags, and Irish Gifts.

Tea Chests: you must see the selection of tea chests. My favorite, just in case you might be interested and plan to buy me something– Davidson’s loose leaf tea chests. I think the reason these delight me is that I adore containers. With a Davidson’s loose leaf chest, you get not only the chest but little tins of tea inside.

One last selection I want you to see because it would suit many a tea drinker on all counts and is economical, and possibly my very favorite. It is called simply Gift Basket #1, and is a small basket with delightful small tins containing 25 bags each of English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, and Camomile.  I think I shall suggest they rename this little but stellar basket Matlock’s Choice.

I started out to just feature a few things, but I kept going from one gift to another, like in a Christmas wonderland, and never having to leave my chair. Now I’m outta here to email these links to my family.

Let the shopping fun begin!

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