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My Christmas Mug Gift List Line-up

Peek-a-boo Snowman Mugs
Peek-a-boo Snowman Mugs

’Tis the season for a host of those oh so cute Christmas mugs to pop up everywhere. I have a collection that hubby and I have bought and that others have given us as gifts. We tend to give such mugs as gifts, too, being careful not to give the same mug design to someone who gave that design to us in a previous year. Needless to say, it gets trickier every year.

This year we’re scouting the new designs out there, ones that weren’t around last year, as a way to help assure we do not commit the above social faux pas. Along with the mugs, we select the proper tea, herbal tisane, or even cocoa mix to include with it. Some cookies or other seasonal treats are also a good go-with here.

Get cute with the Peek-a-boo Snowman Mug where you sip and sip and sip and then ― peek-a-boo! ― a smiling snowman, as cute as a button, appears, rising up from the bottom of your cup. (This mug is a seasonal variation on the mugs that have cute bears and other critters appearing as you drink down your beverage.) Try pairing this mug with Vanilla Chai and some Creamy White Bavarian Pretzels with red striping.

Nouveau Floral Mugs with Infuser - Set of 2
Nouveau Floral Mugs with Infuser – Set of 2

For the more modern styled giftees on your list, go for the Set of 2 Nouveau Floral Mugs with Infusers. My personal preference is to steep loose, but these infusers are a great alternative, especially if you want to avoid bagged teas. The purple and lime green color scheme is a welcome break from the red-and-green Christmas color combo. Try pairing this mug with Chai Green Tea and some Holiday Pop-Up Fun Snickerdoodle Cookies.

The Yuletide Charm Santa Mug and the Yuletide Charm Snowman Mug are perfect for the more countryfied tea drinker on your gift list. The simple designs in more subdued colors will add true charm to your tea or cocoa moment. Try pairing this mug with Lemon Flavored Black Tea and some Gingerbread Man Holiday Storybook Cookies.

A staple of the Yuletide Season seems to be peppermint candy canes. Their bright white and red striping (and sometimes green) are everywhere, so why not in this Peppermint Stick Covered Mug with Spoon? Try pairing this mug with Peppermint Herbal Tisane and some Holiday Pop-Up Fun Chocolate Fudge Cookies (who doesn’t like mint and chocolate?).

The Snowman Plate and Cocoa Cup Set is a great one to build a gift trio around. Obviously, some cocoa mix is called for here. But cookies for that plate are a great idea, too! Make this a gift that gets opened early, since the receiver can then use it to set out that cocoa and cookies for Santa. Try pairing this mug with Bellagio French Vanilla Gourmet Hot Cocoa and some Holiday Pop-Up Fun Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Sometimes, gift giving can be so impersonal, especially when you have an extensive list of relatives or you are the type to buy for every co-worker. Get away from that impersonality with a Personalize Me Holiday Mug that you can adorn with a suitable message or the giftee’s name. Try pairing this mug with an Estate Teas Sampler kit and some Holiday Tree Storybook Cookies.

Magical Night Gift Mug Set
Magical Night Gift Mug Set

Four traditional style Santas grace this Magical Night Gift Mug Set and make a quartet of Christmas cheer for the receiver. Suitable for a variety of hot beverages, from tea and cocoa to that strange dark liquid they call  “coffee”! Try pairing these mugs with English Breakfast Blend No. 1 and some Santa Holiday Storybook Cookies.

This should get you started or at least help you cross a few of those names off the gift shopping list. Happy hunting!

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One response to “My Christmas Mug Gift List Line-up”

  1. The mug, as you suggest, begs for the addition of the perfect “go-with” accompaniment. We so often discard the mug as a desirable gift idea during the Holiday, but as you suggest, it is a versatile gift that offers opportunities for creative giving with flare. A gift box will be set aside or recycled, while a playful or beautiful mug is a constant reminder about a pleasant time with friends, a loved one and that the recipient matters in the eyes of another. The cup, it turns out, holds more than meets the eye.

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