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In the month celebrating iced tea, it’s time to accessorize and there’s no better place to look than our new arrivals for some of our newest teawares suitable for your iced tea needs this summer. Take our newest teawares on the go, in your backyard, or to the beach while staying in style!



The Lucent Glass Iced Tea Jug w/ Capsule Infuser is a beautiful glass jug that is lead free and heat resistant. The stainless steel infuser allows you to brew straight into the jug and then serve it right away. This jug is also easy to clean with detachable parts, so you can use this over and over again this summer.


The Charlie Glass Iced Tea Carafe is a 1.5 liter carafe with a filter in the lid. You will easily be able to make sun tea or just regular iced tea when you can add tea to the filter and steep straight on!

The Blair White Leaf Pattern Glass Travel Infuser Mug will liberate you from brewing your tea strictly at home! If you want to make your iced tea and have it on the go, now you can thanks to the detachable strainer and double walled glass. This mug has a lovely white leaf design but you can also choose from colorful posies or delicate white flowers.




teadmgo1000035354_-00_star-wars-classic-travel-mug-16ozAfter months of waiting, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally going to be released onto DVD! Many of their fans can now own a piece of the most recent movie in the well-loved Star Wars trilogy. To celebrate the release of The Force Awakens, English Tea Store is proud to present a range of Star Wars themed tea ware!teadmgo1000035349_-00_star-wars-darth-vader-sculpted-mug-18oz

Starting off with characters we all know like Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers, these 12 ounce mugs are the perfect gift for anyone who’s a fan of the Dark Side. Perhaps you REALLY want to wow them with a sculpted mug of Darth Vader? Him and the Stormtrooper both hold 18 ounces of pure dark (or light) tea. Then there are somteadtpo1000035353_-00_star-wars-r2-d2-teapote new characters in the film like Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren.

Perhaps you are a fan of the Light Side and not afraid to show it? This travel mug features the iconic poster of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader. Finally, the coolest and cutest item in the Star Wars range is the R2-D2 tea kettle. This is sure to please ANY Star Wars fan! You can’t go wrong with this beautifully made ceramic kettle with a 36 ounce capability! The brew is strong with this one!


Peek-a-boo Snowman Mugs

Peek-a-boo Snowman Mugs

’Tis the season for a host of those oh so cute Christmas mugs to pop up everywhere. I have a collection that hubby and I have bought and that others have given us as gifts. We tend to give such mugs as gifts, too, being careful not to give the same mug design to someone who gave that design to us in a previous year. Needless to say, it gets trickier every year.

This year we’re scouting the new designs out there, ones that weren’t around last year, as a way to help assure we do not commit the above social faux pas. Along with the mugs, we select the proper tea, herbal tisane, or even cocoa mix to include with it. Some cookies or other seasonal treats are also a good go-with here.

Get cute with the Peek-a-boo Snowman Mug where you sip and sip and sip and then ― peek-a-boo! ― a smiling snowman, as cute as a button, appears, rising up from the bottom of your cup. (This mug is a seasonal variation on the mugs that have cute bears and other critters appearing as you drink down your beverage.) Try pairing this mug with Vanilla Chai and some Creamy White Bavarian Pretzels with red striping.

Nouveau Floral Mugs with Infuser - Set of 2

Nouveau Floral Mugs with Infuser - Set of 2

For the more modern styled giftees on your list, go for the Set of 2 Nouveau Floral Mugs with Infusers. My personal preference is to steep loose, but these infusers are a great alternative, especially if you want to avoid bagged teas. The purple and lime green color scheme is a welcome break from the red-and-green Christmas color combo. Try pairing this mug with Chai Green Tea and some Holiday Pop-Up Fun Snickerdoodle Cookies.

The Yuletide Charm Santa Mug and the Yuletide Charm Snowman Mug are perfect for the more countryfied tea drinker on your gift list. The simple designs in more subdued colors will add true charm to your tea or cocoa moment. Try pairing this mug with Lemon Flavored Black Tea and some Gingerbread Man Holiday Storybook Cookies.

A staple of the Yuletide Season seems to be peppermint candy canes. Their bright white and red striping (and sometimes green) are everywhere, so why not in this Peppermint Stick Covered Mug with Spoon? Try pairing this mug with Peppermint Herbal Tisane and some Holiday Pop-Up Fun Chocolate Fudge Cookies (who doesn’t like mint and chocolate?).

The Snowman Plate and Cocoa Cup Set is a great one to build a gift trio around. Obviously, some cocoa mix is called for here. But cookies for that plate are a great idea, too! Make this a gift that gets opened early, since the receiver can then use it to set out that cocoa and cookies for Santa. Try pairing this mug with Bellagio French Vanilla Gourmet Hot Cocoa and some Holiday Pop-Up Fun Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Sometimes, gift giving can be so impersonal, especially when you have an extensive list of relatives or you are the type to buy for every co-worker. Get away from that impersonality with a Personalize Me Holiday Mug that you can adorn with a suitable message or the giftee’s name. Try pairing this mug with an Estate Teas Sampler kit and some Holiday Tree Storybook Cookies.

Magical Night Gift Mug Set

Magical Night Gift Mug Set

Four traditional style Santas grace this Magical Night Gift Mug Set and make a quartet of Christmas cheer for the receiver. Suitable for a variety of hot beverages, from tea and cocoa to that strange dark liquid they call  “coffee”! Try pairing these mugs with English Breakfast Blend No. 1 and some Santa Holiday Storybook Cookies.

This should get you started or at least help you cross a few of those names off the gift shopping list. Happy hunting!

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Remember the game of “musical chairs”? Well, “musical tea mugs” is sorta like that. Sorta. The difference is there are no chairs. Uh, also there’s no music. Oh, and there are no people — just mugs. And teacups. So, I guess it is rather different. And the more tea mugs and cups you have, the more likely that they will start playing the game all on their own.

Tea cups huddled near their fave green teas

Tea is such a big deal in our house that it seems like everything in the kitchen wants in on the action. The first time we noticed this was when the cheese grater was caught sitting in the tea station (actually, inside the tea cozy for our blue 6-cup teapot we call “Betty”). Then, we started finding our teawares holding card games in the wee hours.

Now, we find our tea mugs in distinctly different places in the morning than they were the previous night. (Just in case you’re wondering, neither hubby nor I imbibe “strong drink,” just strong tea. So, there’s no chance of this being some optical illusion.) The game of “musical tea mugs” gets more frantic with every purchase we make of a new mug or teacup (they join in the game almost as soon as we bring them home). Often, they end up in the tea pantry clustered around their favorite teas.

Yes, tea mugs and cups have their favorites. And for every mug and cup there is a particular tea that seems best suited for it. Sipper teas are best in handleless cups and delicate porcelain and bone china cups. Fruity and fragrant Darjeelings, especially First Flush, are reserved for some of my best cups found while foraging in various antique stores. We purchased a couple of small handleless cups that are probably for saki but that work equally well for a pale white tea like Adam’s Peak or a fresh green Sencha. We keep the dainty teacups in the dining room and the small handleless cups on a shelf in the kitchen, so how do they end up snuggled next to the teas they (and we) love?

Our mugs are for the more hearty gulper teas and vary from some more delicate ones to others that are quite clunky. The smaller ones hold a mere 2 or 3 ounces while the largest ones hold a full pint (16 ounces), so when we say we’re going to “hoist a few pints,” we definitely mean tea! Our collection grows with almost every excursion we make beyond the threshold of our house. New designs and older, classic ones beckon. These mugs are partial to Assams, Nilgiris, black Ceylons, black Chinese teas, pu-erhs, and even stronger Oolongs. At least, that’s where we tend to find them in the morning after washing, drying, and putting them in the cupboard. We know as soon as we come in the kitchen and see the pantry door ajar that that game of “musical tea mugs” has been going on again.

I think at this point that hubby and I must concede that our house is now a “tea house” — that is, the teas and teawares are in total control!

Pinky pointing allowed on A.C.’s blog, Tea Time with A.C. Cargill.

© Online Stores, Inc., and The English Tea Store Blog, 2009-2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this article’s author and/or the blog’s owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Online Stores, Inc., and The English Tea Store Blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

No one who visits our house could ever doubt that we love tea! The signs are everywhere you look.

First, in the firm belief that two mugs are not enough for the two of us and in celebration of the seemingly endless creativity that abounds out there among mug makers, we exchange our hard-earned cash for whatever design catches our eye when perusing the shop shelves. This is especially true when we travel. We have mugs from about everywhere we’ve been, both before we met and since that happy day. Sometimes a restaurant will have mugs for sale that are emblazoned with their logo. Our collection sports several.

Then, there are the teacup and saucer sets. We haven’t gotten too carried away with buying those — at least, not yet. They certainly add a distinguished air of refinement to our tea tastings and have “starred” in several photos.

When entering the kitchen, the first thing people see is the tea station in its place of honor on the countertop. (Of course, we have to keep those “interlopers” at bay — the cheese grater that thinks it’s a teapot, the garlic keeper that thinks it’s a sugar bowl, etc.) There is usually a pot of tea being kept warm in its cozy. We make a fresh pot every morning and another later in the day.

There are also packages of tea with sender addresses from all over the U.S. and several other countries where tea is an important part of their economy. Getting to taste these teas has been quite an adventure. It has also been at least partially responsible for the fact that our tea pantry is now overflowing and has taxed my skills at organization to their utmost. The space for the Oolongs is full, and the chai area has just doubled.

Let’s not forget the various tea paraphernalia (phernalias always travel in pairs – ha!). Strainers of various sizes stand at the ready, available at a moment’s notice to keep those nasty little bits out of the teacups. Tea infuser balls and baskets sit forlornly in a dusty corner, tried once and then relegated to this tea no-man’s land. A bevy of teapots, from the 6-cup Blue Betty to the 1½ cup simple white pot, stand like soldiers ready to do their duty. Tea tins that were once filled with fragrant teas now sit in empty but watchful repose on shelves in-between various members of our mug collection. A host of various tea-related odds and ends stay close at hand to fulfill their destiny at assuring we have a superb teatime — and they haven’t failed us yet!

One of my favorite items is The Collectible Teapot calendar, something I have bought every year for quite some time now. Hubby and I even make a bit of a ceremony out of changing to the next month. A drum roll, a bit of vocal fanfare, and — ta da! — we change to the next month. Then, we take a few minutes to read through the tidbits of information on that month’s page.

Yes, there’s no mistaking that a couple of tea lovers live here. And we’re proud of it!

Make sure to stop by A.C.’s blog, Tea Time with A.C. Cargill!

You love tea, you love your sweetie, so why not combine the two in a Valentine’s Day tea gift? Okay, all you lovers out there, it’s that time of year when you get to let that special someone really know how you feel. Don’t forget about family, friends, co-workers, classmates, that special teacher, your boss, and that someone special in your neighborhood who has been helpful. We all know someone who needs to hear that they are appreciated. And the choices are plentiful.

Baskets (pre-made and custom)

Even if you’re on a budget, you can say “I love you” with a gift basket, since many are priced below $20. Pre-made baskets contain teas, cocoas, candies, treats, and sometimes teawares (teapots, mugs, etc.). Who says your money doesn’t go far these days? And what a great excuse for a cozy Valentine’s Day tea moment. I can just hear you saying:

  • “Here, dear, sit back while I make you some tea and scones.”
  • Sweets for the sweet. Enjoy while the tea is steeping and I read you these love poems.”
  • “Who needs real roses when we have chocolate ones, each other, and tea?”

You get the idea.

Candy and Treats

Chocolates are very traditional for Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry about the calories. Just be sure to drink some tea with them (green tea goes especially well). Not only is tea great for speeding up your metabolism and burning off those extra calories, it makes chocolate taste even more chocolaty (at least it does to me). Of course, buying good quality chocolate and the best green tea helps. The heart-shaped box also makes chocolate taste better — honest! Of course, rose-shaped chocolates and chocolate-covered pretzels can be real attention-getters. If your true love doesn’t like chocolate, go for another sweet like jelly beans and hard candies. Thank goodness they’re all so affordable. You can spread your good feelings around by giving to others who are special to you.


A Valentine tea mug says “You’re mine” year round, especially a mug that’s in red or pink. Add in some candies, a special tea or maybe cocoa, possibly some cookies, and voilà! A gift fit for your special someone all wrapped up in heart-covered plastic with a red bow and one that can’t fail to impress her or him.

Plush Toys

Something else that will last long after the tea has been drunk and the treats have been eaten: a plush toy. Of course, teddy bears are du rigueur (“par for the course,” “standard ammunition for the lovelorn,” etc.) You can be a little offbeat with a plush biker dog (yes, I said “biker dog”) and show your humorous — and a bit wild — side. Or go bananas with a plush monkey. Any of these as part of your gift basket makes the teas, candies, mugs, and treats speak even louder of your love. If your giftees are young in years as well as heart, you’ll surely bring a smile to their faces. Us old fogeys will grin a bit, too.

Whatever you choose, the time is now to order. You don’t want to be empty-handed when that important moment arrives.

After you pick out a Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart, head over to A.C.’s blog, Tea Time with A.C. Cargill, and unwind with a good “cuppa.”


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