In the Leaves for December

Frosty's Winter Wonder Childrens Gift Baskets
Frosty's Winter Wonder Childrens Gift Baskets

Well here we are at the end of the year with the festive season firmly upon us. Even the despicable attempts of the shops who started stocking mince pies in September haven’t dampened my excitement! After a long search to find a Christmas brew that wasn’t an obvious and cynical attempt to use up the last of the years stale leaves and spices, I settled on a cup of hot chai to guide us through the final month of the year. I also dunked a sugar cookie shaped like a Christmas tree in it for extra mystical insight.

Starting at the top of the cup I found an arch, and owl and a trophy. An arch means a coming journey abroad, an owl is gossip and scandal and the trophy is for success. If you’re fleeing the country to escape an indiscretion then this is the month to do it. The press won’t follow you and everyone will have forgotten all about whatever it is you did by the time you get home.

Moving on I found a candle, a book and a clock. The candle means help from others and the pursuit of knowledge, the book is successful legal action and the clock is a warning to look to the future and not to delay. With you safely out of the country, whoever it is that’s been telling tales on you in the first place will feel even more comfortable spreading rumours. Get any friends who you haven’t alienated with your bad behaviour to keep tabs on them and be poised to sue for defamation of character.

Further around the cup there was a penguin, an angel and a bell. Birds and angels are both omens of good news and the bell is for unexpected news so expect a pleasant surprise. This was followed by a house, a duck and a fish which mean security, money coming in and good things from overseas respectively. Having won big on your court case you’re now set up for life and free to gallivant off around the globe in pursuit of whatever nice things you may hear about. Remember that you’re rich and surrounded by scandal so whatever you do, do it in style.

At the bottom of the cup (along with the Christmas tree crumbs) was a ship, a train, a map, a shark and a mouse. The first three mean journeys and change, the shark is a warning to be on the look out for danger and the mouse is theft. This can only mean bandits! Or possibly pirates or train robbers, either way send your valuables on ahead and prepare for excitement on your voyage. You could always hire security with your new wealth but there’s no romance in that. Keep an eye open for attractive masked scoundrels and feel free to get hijacked for the holidays.

In summary December seems to be the month for bad behaviour, opportunistic windfalls, a jet set lifestyle and absolutely no unwanted consequences. Not exactly a quiet stay at home Christmas but not a bad end to the year!

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