Dear Santa, I Want This Teapot!

My wish list begins “Dear Santa, I want this teapot…” The problem is that there are so many choices out there. Stylish teapot designs abound, so selecting just one takes some careful consideration. It’s essential, though, this time of year for tea lovers to leave hints here and there about which of these teapots are their favorites and would be great to unwrap on Christmas morning. So, here goes…

Decor Infuser Basket Glass Teapot
Decor Infuser Basket Glass Teapot

Decor Infuser Basket Glass Teapot
For those of us who want the taste that comes from tea leaves steeped loose while getting the no mess convenience of an infuser, this teapot is ideal. The wide opening at the top means that a large infuser basket can be used, and this teapot comes with a large infuser basket!

Being made of glass, it appeals to the tea voyeur who likes to watch those leaves steep (you can leave out the infuser basket to get an even better show).

Tsuki 0.5L Cast Iron Japanese Teapot
Tsuki Cast Iron Teapot

Tsuki Cast Iron Japanese Teapot
Made by the family firm of Iwachu in the town of Morioka in Japan using a sand casting technique, this cast iron teapot has a reputation for being among the finest Tetsubin teapots available.

It’s hand-polished, holds about a half liter (approximately 50 ounces), and comes boxed with booklet and removable filter.

Creative Colored Glass Teapot
Colored Glass Teapot

Creative Colored Glass Teapot
Strictly decorative, this teapot adds color and curves to your tea time. The styling is so “out there,” in fact, that this teapot transcends teapotness and approaches being a sculpture.

My favorite part is that glass bead that hangs from the curved handle and just above the lid. It makes me think of an inspiration, an idea, a wisp of sudden insight into the great puzzle of life, a capsule of light that has traveled all the way from some vastly distant star that long ago went nova and is no longer except for these stray rays.

Well, you get the idea, I think!

Lazy Teapot
Lazy Teapot

Lazy Teapot
Getting back to the practical side, try this modern yet practical teapot on a heating stand. You don’t even have to lift the pot to pour your tea! The height of ease.

The clean white ceramic teapot goes well with the satin finish stainless steel base.

Bauhaus Style Teapot
Bauhaus design emphasized basic materials and functionality, and designer Marianne Brandt, a student at the Bauhaus in 1924, came up with this teapot to meet those standards. She used brass, silver and ebony in this minimal design with no decorative elements and simple geometric shapes to create this very usable teapot.

Bauhaus Style Teapot
Bauhaus Style Teapot

As far as selecting one of these beauties to be the one in that brightly wrapped box festooned with ribbons and bows and that most magic item (the gift tag that says it’s for me), I would have to engage in a game of “Hammer Scissors Rock” to reach that Solomon-esque decision.

Here’s hoping you can decide so that your hint list (or letter to Santa) will be more specific for those in a position to grant you this boon. Ho, ho, ho!

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