Royal Doulton by Wedgwood

Royal Doulton China Precious Platinum Teapot
Royal Doulton China Precious Platinum Teapot

Since the founding of the Wedgwood company by Josiah Wedgwood in 1759, the company has been dedicated to creating the finest quality teawares and more. The company grew over the years and started acquiring other potteries and forming strategic partnerships. Today, Wedgwood is part of Waterford Wedgwood Royal Doulton (WWRD).

The Royal Doulton founder began producing stoneware in 1815. They rivaled Wedgwood for over a century and a half. In 1999, Waterford Wedgwood acquired a 15% share of the company, completing the formation of WWRD. Royal Doulton products include some of the finest crystal and glass wares around. They add the perfect sparkling touch to any room they grace or table setting they accompany.

Your table setting can be a pure-as-the-driven-snow white with the Precious Platinum pattern. Whether you are preparing for a Christmas Eve supper with an evergreen tablecloth and red taper candles or a Summer eve’s repast with a delicate rose pink tablecloth and bunches of fresh blooms (in Royal Doulton crystal vases, of course), these dishes will be so visually captivating that your guests will be totally thrilled.

Royal Doulton China Tennyson Salad Plate
Royal Doulton China Tennyson Salad Plate

The Tennyson pattern gives your dinner time or tea time a real Victorian feel with their modernized take on traditional motifs. Some pieces have thinner borders, but the salad plate and soup plate (a bowl, actually) have a wider border. I can envision the salad plate piled high with warm-from-the-oven muffins or a pyramid of fresh fruit or even a lovely salad!

There are also Royal Doulton figurines, photo frames, and even baby gift wares. The “pretty lady” series includes Nicole, Diana, Charlotte, Pamela, Denise, and a special “Loving Touch” lady. Additional dishware patterns range from very traditional such as Celestial Gold to the modern such as Nature’s Canvas and Vera Wang designs. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a royal tea time.

Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies Charlotte
Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies Charlotte

By the way, just as regular Wedgwood is quite collectible, so is Royal Doulton. As with any collectible, do your research to know what markings to look for in the older pieces.

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