Another Cuppa, Please!

The last drop of tea has been drained from your teacup. Your thirst for tea, however, rages on, plus some teas are ones so rich in flavor that they keep you wanting more, concerns about caffeine notwithstanding. You just gotta have “Another cuppa, please!”


You need a break anyway, right? You can only spend so much time dusting/mopping/sweeping so your house sparkles, staring at a computer screen trying to write that report, weeding the flower beds to give those blooms a chance to really show, dealing with the person who has a chronic nasal condition in the office cubicle next to yours, reorganizing the garage so you can find a hammer next time you need one, or explaining store policy to the irate customer who broke his whatchamacallit and now wants to return it for a full refund.

Put down that duster/mop/broom, save the file you’re working on, take off those gardening gloves, walk away from your cubicle to the break room (if there is one), lay down that hammer (in a place where you can find it later), or call the assistant store manager over to deal with that obtuse customer. Then, get that extra cuppa tea!

In addition to a supplemental slaking of your thirst and a bit more of a caffeine boost, you get a sanity-saving physical and temporal spacing from the tasks you’re knee deep in. That can give you a better perspective on them. Sort of like riding in one of those glass elevators on the outside of a skyscraper and getting a wider and wider view as you ascend.

Some teas I have to have more than one cup at a time of:

  • Genmaicha — there’s something about that toasty rice that makes this Japanese green tea so satisfying and drinkable, cup after cup after cup (my review)
  • Scottish Breakfast — bringing together superb Keemun black tea from the Anhui Province of China with a malty Assam from India and steeping up to a liquid that tastes wonderful plain or, as I prefer it, with milk and a bit of sweetener (I’m always careful to go easy on both so that wonderful tea flavor comes through in every mouthful) (my review)
  • Formosa Oolong — numerous versions abound, but hubby and I really like the English Tea Store brand with its walnutty flavor and aroma (my review) that lasts even if it sits in the pot a little while
  • Sylvakandy Estate Orange Pekoe — a full-bodied black tea with a raisiny and somewhat malty fragrance and taste that stands up to milk and a bit of sweetener (my review)
  • Snow Dragon White Tea — the curly tea leaves steep up several times and produce a delicate flavor in each of those steeps, making it quite suitable for that break time tea (my review)

By the time you finish that extra cuppa tea, your invisible assistant (or as we call ’em in our house/office, the “fill in fairies”) will have gotten your house sparkling clean, finalized that report you were writing, completed the weeding of that flower bed, cured your office cubicle neighbor’s adenoids, gotten all your tools and miscellany properly arranged in your garage, and convinced that irate customer to buy a new whatchamacallit and a carrying case and an extra charging stand.

Hey, as stand-up comedian Judy Tenuta used to say, “It could happen!”

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