My Version of “Jingle Bells”: Gifts of Tea!

Your gift list is as long as Santa’s list is (or at least as long as your arm). The malls are crowded and your shopping time is limited. You didn’t dare brave the Black Friday crowds and so were not able to take advantage of those “door buster deals.” Now, time is getting short. Gifts of tea can speed up the process, especially when you order online!

Little Jingle Ornaments
Little Jingle Ornaments

To help you in this process, I have composed the following (sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”):

Gifts of tea, gifts of tea,
I must buy today
Oh, what fun it is to shop
On a web site — high-tech way!

Click click here, click click there
Finding the right thing
For Aunt Sue and Uncle John
A gift of tea to bring.

Dashing through the stores
In the local shopping mall
Trying hard to find
Gifts for one and all

Isn’t the right way
To find the perfect things
So online I’ll go to buy
My teas and fruit cake rings!

Gifts of tea, gifts of tea
Trav’lling on their way
Track online to know they will
Be there by Christmas day!

All you last minute shoppers can sing this as you go merrily to your fave web sites to pick out gifts of foods and teas and maybe even those cute holiday teawares. Consider including a special tree ornament with your tea gift, a great way to have your gift be memorable to the receiver. (We always hang those special ornaments in places of honor on the tree.) The great thing is that more sites are letting you pick out the items you want in that gift basket and even include loose teas, not just bagged, in recognition of those of us who have a strong preference.

While you’re at it, be sure to send yourself a little something. Shopping online is such a smart way to go that you deserve a reward! Ho, ho, ho!

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