My Reacquaintance with Flavoured Teas

Peppermint Oolong
Peppermint Oolong

I am amazed at where my tea journey takes me and several weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to trip to Adelaide and meet with like-minded tea folk.  My tea journey stopped at a cross roads where I was invited to choose between flavoured teas or loose leaf tea with no flowers/herbs added.  I’ve often tried flavoured teas and felt the experience equated to drinking out of my perfume bottle and so I tend to steer away from flavoured teas.   However on this occasion, one flavoured tea jumped out from the tea menu: Peppermint oolong.  Peppermint is an amazing herbal infusion and if you’re lucky to find one that is so minty, it needs its own cupboard space; it is a wonderful herb for settling the stomach and to aid digestion.  Oolong is a wonderful category of tea from lightly oxidised to heavily roasted goodness.  The two of them together I thought, fascinating.  I had to try it out.

After sipping the tea, I often take a closer look at the leaves.

Peppermint Oolong Leaves
Peppermint Oolong Leaves

Despite the ratio of oolong to peppermint leaves, the peppermint still overpowered the aroma and flavour of the oolong, but it wasn’t a bad experience; at least it wasn’t like drinking perfume 🙂  Lavender Oolong was the next flavoured tea I tried, recommended by a Twitter friend of mine.  Lavender is an herbal infusion that has its own set of health benefits and smelling the tea took me to a wonderful memory.  It reminded me of a walk I took with my husband once through a lavender garden in South Africa.  Ahh the memories…but I digress.  Back to the tea and tasting the tea was an equally pleasant experience as the floral aroma of the lavender really brought out the floral notes of the oolong.  

Lavender Oolong
Lavender Oolong

So there we have it. My re-acquaintance to flavoured teas was certainly a pleasant experience.  What flavoured teas do you like and why?

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