Review ― Pomegranate Rosehip Black Tea from The English Tea Store

Nutcracker soldiers guard the cuppa!
Nutcracker soldiers guard the cuppa!

Tea Name: Pomegranate Rosehip Black Tea

Tea Type: Black tea from Sri Lanka with pieces of pomegranate and real rosehips

Awhile back I swore off of flavored teas. For the most part, they were disappointing. Many used low-grade tea and then heavily flavored them. The tea was usually second or even third consideration, leading me to ask, “Why bother putting tea in the mix at all? Why not just throw in the fruits and flowers and nuts, etc., and call it a ‘tisane’?”

There are exceptions to everything.

The tea company started with a nice quality Ceylon black tea, one of my faves, and then added in real pieces of pomegranate and rosehips (a great source of Vitamin C). The aroma was a wonderful blend of that jammy smelling tea and a fruity tang from the pomegranate and rosehips. Hubby and I always take a few moments to enjoy the tea leaf fragrance before beginning the tasting.

The directions online say to use water brought to a rolling boil and steep 2-5 minutes. We did two steepings ― one for 3 minutes and the other for 4 minutes.

The first steeping was a beautiful reddish-brown color liquid with a pomegranate/jammy/tangy aroma. The flavor had a cocoa-like quality with plenty of pomegranate fruitiness but no bitterness. The second steeping was a lighter version but still quite satisfying. This is what a flavored tea should be like: great tea flavor balanced with the flavors of the items added to it.

While hubby and I still prefer straight teas (those without non-tea stuff added to them), we find this one an exception.

One final note: being the type who likes a bit of milk and sweetener in my black teas, flavored or not, I tried this one that way. Wonderful! The milk adds a rich texture, and the sweetener heightens the hit of the pomegranate and rosehips on the tongue.

Ready for that first fruity sip
Ready for that first fruity sip

Disclaimer: This tea was provided by the company named. However, any opinions concerning this tea and the company  are always strictly objective.

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