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A “Tea Princess” Christmas

What lovely item awaits in the prettily wrapped box?
What lovely item awaits in the prettily wrapped box?

Santa gets his milk and cookies, but what does a “Tea Princess” get for Christmas? That’s easy: anything she wants!

A “Tea Princess” Christmas is full of music, bright colors, great food, and lots of wonderful teas. Plus, a truly kind-hearted “Tea Princess” shares these things with that “Tea Prince” in her life ― boyfriend, fiancé, husband, etc.

So much for the generalities. Now for the details.

Christmas for the “Tea Princess” begins with waking from dreams of sugar plums dancing and of a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer through a cold and starry night. She is raised from her gentle slumber by the aroma wafting to her nostrils of a lovely breakfast being prepared. The sounds of traditional carols grace the hollow of her ear in a gentle caress that says, “Awake, fair one.”

She rises, wraps a warm robe around her, and shuffles to the kitchen in her fuzzy slippers, to be greeted by a sign saying “Delights Await You in the Dining Room.” With a smile, she goes to the dining room and enters to see a table well spread with sparkling dishes and flatware, to inhale the thick and warm aromas of the foods that had teased her awake, and to hear those carols at full volume now, not muffled, and bringing their special inspirations to her heart. Her “Tea Prince” awaits, still wearing his apron and grinning broadly. They share breakfast and a large pot of hot Assam tea, malty and rich, and smoothed with some milk and sweetener. When they are done, he insists that she sit back and relax while he takes care of the cleanup.

A good start to the day.

Then, it’s time to unwrap the presents. A true “Tea Princess” likes to give as well as receive. Bringing good teas to the notice of others and also teawares for steeping them is a true joy. She presents her gifts to her “Tea Prince” with much excitement and anticipation of his reaction. A gaiwan ordered online and some of the finest green teas to steep in it are silently waiting, well-cushioned with crinkled tissue paper, in their boxes wrapped in colorful paper and bows. She hands it to him to tear away that paper and bows and discover the carefully chosen gift, each future sip of that tea prepared in that steeping cup conveying her love.

Now, it’s her turn to unwrap. He sets the box before her, not too big, not too small, and covered with a paper in patterns of gold and red and green, with a profusion of ribbons and bows atop it. (Her “Tea Prince” likes to go all out with such things and does all the wrapping himself just to make it more personal.) The card with it reads: “To my ‘Tea Princess’ who stimulates and soothes just as the tea does.” Should she tear into it or take care and preserve each bit of ribbon, each square inch of paper? She opts to go for it, wresting the box free of its bonds and opening to see the brilliant red tissue paper that she then peels away carefully. What could await her? What lies nested so snug in that tissue paper nest? One more layer and… there it is! A bone china beauty! A 6-cup teapot in pure sparkling white with real, hand-applied sterling trim. The perfect vessel for steeping and serving tea at her next gathering of friends and family.

Wedgwood Sterling Teapot
Wedgwood Sterling Teapot

Needless to say, this “Tea Princess” and her “Tea Prince” spent the rest of the day happily ever after!

 ~ The End ~

Here’s wishing all you tea princesses and princes a splendid holiday season.

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  3. Thank you for the wonderful blog posts. May you have a beautiful and meaningful holiday season!

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