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Favourite Tearooms in Australia — Part III

Carrying on a theme of favourite tearooms, I head back to Australia and this time my tea journey took me to Adelaide.  After asking for recommendations on Twitter, two places came highly recommended.  In this post I’ll talk about The Perfect Cup.  According to their website The Perfect Cup has several retail outlets Adelaide as well as the one that I visited in Adelaide Central Market.  The website informs us that the market is 140 years old, home to 80 stalls and is South Australia’s most visited tourist attraction.  But I digress: back to the tea.  The Perfect Cup has an extensive list of coffee and as I look for the tea menu the lady behind the counter tells me that their tea list is much bigger than the list displayed and invited me to the back of the store to have a look.

After having a pleasant conversation about tea, (it was interesting to find out one of their most popular teas is Bai Mu Dan [White Peony] due to its high antioxidant content), I finally opted for a Lung Ching (Dragonwell): a Chinese green tea I haven’t had for a while.  What I was presented with was a beautiful blend of cultures as I mentioned on Facebook.  Chinese green tea; presented in a French Press and accompanied by a beautiful English teacup and saucer.

Lung Ching Green Tea, French Press and English Teacup
Lung Ching Green Tea, French Press and English Teacup

Presentation is of paramount importance when it comes to serving tea in a tearoom and on this occasion, I had encountered a wow factor moment accompanied by excellent customer service.  My husband also set to win that day too.  In the same store, they sold one of his favourite teas: Taylors Harrogate Yorkshire Teas.   It kinda reminds me of home although admittedly I am a Lancashire lass 🙂

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