How to Cure “Holiday Withdrawal” with Tea

Keep that holiday feeling!
Keep that holiday feeling!

Suffering from “holiday withdrawal” now that Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are behind you? Cheer up and cure those withdrawal symptoms with tea!

This endeavor should not be as laborious as it may sound at first. No need to trudge hither and yon and brave throngs of shoppers wielding pepper spray or grabbing madly at the bargains available. In fact, this tea event should be a holiday from all that holiday falderal!

Start with some of those tea gifts I’m sure you received from Santa and family and friends. If you have finished them all off already, check out those post-holiday sales and pick up a bargain or two. You can usually do this online at your favorite tea site and avoid the crowds scooping up the leftovers in the stores. Check out the food section on those sites while you’re at it, since tea time isn’t much without the proper “nibbles.”

Of course, after all the holiday indulgence, starting with candy that you hid from — uh, I mean that was left over from the trick or treating, and continuing on through the major feasting and partying and baking sprees and toasting the New Year that filled November and December, it’s finally time for a bit of reining in. Oh, who are we kidding? If you’re anything like hubby and me, your appetite for something sweet and chocolaty and with a touch of butter in it has been whetted and needs a gradual tapering off, not going “cold turkey.”

Besides, you probably miss the pretty decorations, sparkle and shine, and candles glowing in their romantic fashion. Go ahead, ’fess up! I sure do.

Earl Grey Cream
Earl Grey Cream

Let’s see… where’s that special “Tea Princess” teapot that Santa left under the tree… and some Christmas cake (you always buy an extra one for such occasions, right?)… and then a nice big pot of Darjeeling tea or maybe some Yunnan Gold or even Earl Grey. There, you’ve just extended the holiday season for a little while longer and with practically no effort. You should feel those withdrawal symptoms subsiding. Put on a Christmas CD by Mannheim Steamroller to make things complete!

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