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Cooking with Tea — An Introduction

I love the Twitterverse and after admiring from afar, I finally had the opportunity to tweet with, and eventually meet, Sally Lynch of Taste Trekkers. It is always a pleasure to meet someone who is as passionate in their field as I am passionate in tea, and Sally is no exception. She LOVES food!  She loves talking about food, cooking food and also writes about food. You can imagine my delight when I was invited to an event organised by another influential foodie

The Christmas Foodie tour consisted of a food shopping tour of Brisbane, visiting stores that sold authentic European food, herbs and spices; a wonderful lunch, care of Taste Trekkers; and a wine tasting from the local winery whilst I provided the tea. You can read more about the event and view some wonderful pictures of the event via Rhubarb Wine’s blog.

Sharing Tea with Foodies care of @rhubarbwine
Sharing Tea with Foodies care of @rhubarbwine

Welcoming the food and beverage enthusiasts from their Christmas Foodie tour and whilst lunch was being prepared, I was able to talk tea with eager listeners, and on a hot yet rainy day I decided to offer the guests a cold brew herbal infusion.  (Cold brew is a method of iced tea which I’ve talked about in a previous post).   

To introduce the guests on the idea of cooking with tea, Sally had made some oolong cooked tomatoes as part of a much wider lunch offering.  It was a lovely introduction to cooking with tea as the flavour of the High Mountain Oolong was extremely subtle, and the floral notes of the oolong didn’t overpower the flavour of the tomatoes.  It certainly kicked off an interest in the herbal infusion the guests had tried, the oolong cooked tomatoes and the teas that I had on display.

Oolong cooked Tomatoes
Oolong cooked Tomatoes

I was extremely delighted to be invited to be part of the Christmas Foodie Tour and I’m really looking forward to working with Sally again later on in the year to create a whole culinary experience with tea.  The oolong cooked tomatoes was a mere introduction to other tea-based recipes which I am looking forward to writing about in the near future.

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